Astronarrative Calculator

The Astronarrative Calculator is a tool that will find the Sabian Symbols that correspond to the degrees in your birthday astrology

- that is, the degrees of a circle that your planets are positioned on. 

These symbols are short descriptions of images that were channelled by a clairvoyant in the 1920's.

But enough about that, let's get back to YOU!

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1. Get your "Positions of Planets"

Simply enter your birth details (time, date, location) below and click NEXT to get your birthday astrology or natal horoscope.

  • Once your birth chart appears, scroll and check the boxes that say "Display List of Aspects and Positions of Planets" and "Display Secondary Asteroids" then click Redraw.
  • Scroll down to get your "Positions of Planets" then input those degrees and signs into the Astronarrative Calculator at the bottom of this page. 

If you don't know your birth time, then most of your Astronarrative may be incorrect.

  • To find the correct symbols out of the twenty-two positions, create your natal horoscope at least 3 times, with different times (e.g. 1am, 1pm, 11pm). 
  • The first time, input ALL the degrees and signs into the Astronarrative calculator. 
  • The next two times, change back to "Select" any degrees and signs that are different. 
  • You are looking for Sabian Symbols that are correct for the whole 24 hour period (or less if you know you were born in the morning for example).

Happy discovery!

Not working?  Visit this page, plug your details in the Date And Place, then click "Next" TWICE.

(Then double-check the date/time/place of the horoscope that comes up).

Done? Go to step 2 "Get your Astronarrative".

2. Get your Astronarrative

Looking at your horoscope or "Positions of Planets" table above, you'll see the planets at X degrees and xx minutes represented as X° xxor for example: 20° 49'.  This example means a planet is sitting between 20-21 degrees. 

If you are on a degree with no minutes, then you are on the cusp (lucky you)!

What does it all mean? 

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