Deepen Your Relationship with Yourself
Use your birthday astrology to find your astronarrative, because...

Life is the Dancer, and You are the Dance.
-Eckhart Tolle

Abdulaziz Almansour @

So you're here to learn, find meaning, to find direction, to find yourself?

Or you need distraction and want to be entertained?


Here you will find a story contained in the snapshot of your birthday astrology. This website hopes to give you a different perspective on your experience here on earth, as perspective affects our view of the world, and our emotional reactions to it.  You may also get an insight into what you came here to learn.

Look for the positive.

Choose to see the beauty in everything.  It's messy down here, and we are not 'perfect' but we are meant to exist.  So when you get your astronarrative, look for the positive, look for the lesson, in what you read.  When you have understood your lesson, you can change your life by choosing your next lesson, and free yourself from your birth karma.

You may have your question answered with more questions...

Not everyone understands their story.  Not all parts are understandable.  Whatever answer you get, look inside yourself for what resonates. 

Your instincts and gut feelings are more important than twenty odd lines on a page, as are our lives and ourselves.  Tread lightly, and be entertained.

What is the purpose of this website?

To share the experiences and patterns that you interpret in your astronarrative.  There are 360 scenarios and many different ways to interpret them.  So if you have an insight into yours, please share and help others to understand that particular scenario.

Now go right ahead and start your journey with the Calculator!



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