Personal Symbolic Degrees
are so hot right now via Wikimedia Commons

My friend Pam and I decided to do our own symbolic degrees, because she wanted to go deeper into herself, and because I like a little bit of sacrilege.

We had two approaches:

Pam meditated for about 9 hours, and afterward felt deeply satisfied with what she had achieved.  She described it as a journey to the centre of herself and found it completely rewarding.  Several days later she contacted me to say that having her own symbols has moved her away from the Sabian Symbols for herself (I think she still uses them to interpret for other people though). 

I did not meditate at all, using a monkey-mind approach where life and children, tv, family and friends constantly interrupted/gave inspiration for each symbol.  My symbols were achieved in about 4 hours.  I did not feel deeply satisfied with my symbols, however I do feel the symbols were relevant and I'm glad I did them.  It was a lot of fun comparing symbols with Pam.

Both of us cut up scraps of paper with the 360 astrological degrees on the back, shuffled, then wrote on random blank-sides as images or thoughts came to us.  I believe Pam had images, whereas I was using auditory phrases from people around me or the tv as well.

We both agreed that in terms of astrology-as-personal-development, having personal symbols is the logical next step.  In fact, I later realised that these, for me, were my projections onto people, onto the world.

We wondered if personal symbols and our own journeys are like the eye cell or the liver cell in a body - each cell moves in its own prescribed direction and has its own specific function, however the body (Sabian Symbols? The planet?) as a whole still moves in a particular direction.

You can have a look at our symbols below, and

download the very lo-fi template for cutting, shuffling and scribing your own here

Please contact me if you are interested in having your personal symbols as an oracle on this site as per the Pamian.

Have fun!




An Old Adobe Mission.

Aquarius 0-01

A Bazaar

Strangers Speed Dating

An Unexpected Thunderstorm.

Aquarius 01-02

A Mermaid Waiting

A Red Apple Turns Golden

A Deserter From The Navy.

Aquarius 02-03

A Canoe Gliding On A Silent River

Sleight Of Hand

A Hindu Healer.

Aquarius 03-04

Light Streaming Through A Tree

Stepping Stones

A Council Of Ancestors.

Aquarius 04-05

A Bonfire

10 Layers Of Wallpaper

A Performer Of A Mystery Play.

Aquarius 05-06

A Man Eats A Meal Of Bread And Butter

Collecting Aluminium Cans

A Child Born Of An Eggshell.

Aquarius 06-07

A Grandmother Proud Of Her Granddaughter

A Secret Paradise

Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures.

Aquarius 07-08

Reading In The Sunlight

A Pencil Sharpened

A Flag Turned Into An Eagle.

Aquarius 08-09

Feet In Mud

A Meditation

A Popularity That Proves Ephemeral.

Aquarius 09-10

A Cat As A Scribe

A Square Peg

Man Tete-A-Tete With His Inspiration.

Aquarius 10-11

Arranged Pots Of Colour

Pop Culture Museum

People On Stairs Graduated Upwards.

Aquarius 11-12

Fake Fur

Someone Tethered To A Tree

A Barometer.

Aquarius 12-13

Soft Shoes

A Tiger Pouncing

A Train Entering A Tunnel.

Aquarius 13-14

A Cat Purring

A Cantilever Crane

Two Lovebirds Singing On A Fence.

Aquarius 14-15

Words Merging Into The Air

The Moon Sighs, The Tide Shrugs

A Big-Businessman At His Desk.

Aquarius 15-16

A Man In The Surf

Counting To 60 With Knuckles

A Watchdog Standing Guard.

Aquarius 16-17

A Man Waking From Stone

Dancing On The Table

A Man Unmasked.

Aquarius 17-18

People Waiting At An Airport

A Potter's Wheel

A Forest Fire Quenched.

Aquarius 18-19

Tropical Fish Underwater

The "Zone" In Sport

A Big White Dove, A Message Bearer.

Aquarius 19-20

Soft Fabric


A Woman Disappointed And Disillusioned.

Aquarius 20-21

A Woman Whom Buries The Dead Well

A Long-Awaited Silence

A Rug Placed On A Floor For Children To Play.

Aquarius 21-22

A Poem

A Child Sees Details Adults Have Missed

A Big Bear Sitting Down And Waving All Its Paws.

Aquarius 22-23

A Faerie Flies Free

Russian Dolls

A Man Turning His Back On His Passions And Teaching From His Experience.

Aquarius 23-24

A Special Ring

Giants In The Meadow

A Butterfly With The Right Wing More Perfectly Formed.

Aquarius 24-25

Stars Shimmering Across A Sea

Sharks Bumping A Boat Along

A Hydrometer.

Aquarius 25-26

Cobblestone Streets With High Rise Buildings

Fruit Rotted And Fermenting

An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled With Violets.

Aquarius 26-27

A Mans Throat Cut

A 3 Course Meal

A Tree Felled And Sawed.

Aquarius 27-28

A Fisherwoman Silently Fishing

A Message Scrambled

Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis.

Aquarius 28-29

Hands Held Tightly

An Uneaten Meal

The Field Of Ardath In Bloom.

Aquarius 29-30

Cardboard Boxes Made Into A City

A Code Uncracked

A Woman Has Risen Out Of The Ocean, A Seal Is Embracing Her.

Aries 0-01

A Cat That Looks Like The Sphinx

A Children's Playground Song

A Comedian Entertaining A Group.

Aries 01-02

A Mother Giving A Child Money

Magpies Warbling And Comforting Each Other

A Cameo Profile Of A Man In The Outline Of His Country.

Aries 02-03

Dining Under Fairy Lights

Peanuts Scattered

Two Lovers Strolling Through A Secluded Walk.

Aries 03-04

A Man Losing His Hat In The Wind


A Triangle With Wings.

Aries 04-05

A Hospital Emergency Room

Routine Weather Patterns

A Square Brightly Lighted On One Side.

Aries 05-06

A Lion Tamer

An Angel Smoking And Swearing

A Man Successfully Expressing Himself In Two Realms At Once.

Aries 06-07

Umbrellas On A Beach

An Argyle Sweater

A Large Hat With Streamers Flying, Facing East.

Aries 07-08

An Impatient Girl Riding A Horse

Hot Air Balloon

A Crystal Gazer.

Aries 08-09

The Sea Enters The Bedroom

A Tazor

A Man Teaching New Forms For Old Symbols

Aries 09-10

A Scar Across A Mans Face

Bird's Eye View

The President Of The Country.

Aries 10-11

A Gypsy Surrounded By Faeries

A Speck In The Middle Of Space

A Flock Of Wild Geese.

Aries 11-12

Pink Pearls In Shells

A Road Trip

An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion

Aries 12-13

A Butterfly Dying

Food As Information

A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman.

Aries 13-14

An Easter Bonnet


An Indian Weaving A Blanket.

Aries 14-15

Masks Guarding A Doorway

Sun And Storm Clouds Make Bright Shadows

Brownies Dancing In The Setting Sun.

Aries 15-16

A Fat Bear


Two Prim Spinsters

Aries 16-17

A Seed Is Planted


An Empty Hammock.

Aries 17-18

A Cupboard Full Of Herbal Elixirs

A Silo

The Magic Carpet.

Aries 18-19

Flowers Floating On The Water

A Megaphone

A Young Girl Feeding Birds In Winter.

Aries 19-20

Fur Covering A Mans Body

An Earthquake

A Pugilist Entering The Ring.

Aries 20-21

An Eagle Flies Free

A Conversation On Stilts

The Gate To The Garden Of Desire.

Aries 21-22

A Man Sawing Timber

A Desert Cave

A Woman In Pastel Colors Carrying A Heavy And Valuable But Veiled Load.

Aries 22-23

Snow Capped Mountains

A Waltz

An Open Window And A Net Curtain Blowing Into A Cornucopia.

Aries 23-24

A Girl Dreaming Of New Worlds

A Moustache Waxed And Twirled

A Double Promise.

Aries 24-25

An Eye That Appears In The Night

A Magnet

A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold.

Aries 25-26

A Weaving

A Kookaburra Eating A Dying Sparrow

Lost Opportunity Regained In The Imagination.

Aries 26-27

Painted Rocks In A River

A Pool Party

A Large Disappointed Audience.

Aries 27-28

Fingertips Feeling For Impressions

A Bar Code

A Celestial Choir Singing.

Aries 28-29

The Shade Of A Tree

3 Witches Cackling

A Duck Pond And Its Brood.

Aries 29-30

A Man Recognised For His Achievements

The Rustling Dark Outside

A Furled And An Unfurled Flag Displayed From A Vessel.

Cancer 0-01

Cosy Blankets In The Cold

Legs Powering Up

A Man Suspended Over A Vast Level Place.

Cancer 01-02

Footprints In The Snow

The 1%

A Man All Bundled Up In Fur Leading A Shaggy Deer.

Cancer 02-03


Toilet Training

A Cat Arguing With A Mouse.

Cancer 03-04

A Girl Covered In A Cosmic Tattoo

A Cotillian

An Automobile Wrecked By A Train.

Cancer 04-05

A Crystal Ball

Love In The Afternoon

Game Birds Feathering Their Nests.

Cancer 05-06

Galaxy In A Jar

A Stick And A Carrot

Two Fairies On A Moonlit Night.

Cancer 06-07

A Journey Across Deserts


Rabbits Dressed In Clothes And On Parade.

Cancer 07-08

Bells Chiming

A Large Square Fruit Cake

A Tiny Nude Miss Reaching In The Water For A Fish.

Cancer 08-09

Clear Crisp Mountain Air

A Hummingbird Feeding Every Few Minutes

A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut.

Cancer 09-10

A Dark Sky Illuminated

A Vote

A Clown Making Grimaces.

Cancer 10-11

A Celebration

The Inner Life Tidied Up Before Going Out

A Chinese Woman Nursing A Baby With A Message.

Cancer 11-12


A Yak

One Hand Slightly Flexed With A Very Prominent Thumb.

Cancer 12-13

A Being Enters The Earth

7 Dwarfs

A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast.

Cancer 13-14

A Cupboard Covered In Love Hearts

Different Shapes On A Sheet Of Paper

A Group Of People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed It.

Cancer 14-15

Eating Ice Cream At Dawn

A Gold Star

A Man Before A Square With A Manuscript Scroll Before Him.

Cancer 15-16

Rainbow Clouds

Humble Intentions Bringing Reward

The Germ Grows Into Knowledge And Life.

Cancer 16-17

Blowing Bubbles

An Insect In Amber

A Hen Scratching For Her Chicks.

Cancer 17-18

Green Clover Dazzling The Eyes

Someone Laughing At Their Own Joke

A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony.

Cancer 18-19

Faerie Houses

A Gingerbread Man

Gondoliers In A Serenade.

Cancer 19-20

A Grandfather Gives A Child A Red Rose

A Squeal

A Prima Donna Singing.

Cancer 20-21

Still Water In A River

A Subtle Play

A Woman Awaiting A Sailboat.

Cancer 21-22

A Hairless Cat

A Volcano On Mercury

Meeting Of A Literary Society.

Cancer 22-23

A Girls Hands Covered With Many Rings

A Mandala

A Woman And Two Men On A Bit Of Sunlit Land Facing South.

Cancer 23-24

Bees Landing

A Report With Two Interpretations

A Dark Shadow Or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over The Right Shoulder.

Cancer 24-25

Doves Filling A Canyon

A Beauty Spot

Contentment And Happiness In Luxury, People Reading On Davenports.

Cancer 25-26

A Prism Of Light In The Morning

A Freudian Slip

A Storm In A Canyon.

Cancer 26-27

Snow Domes Line A Window Sill

A Sharpener

A Modern Pocahontas.

Cancer 27-28

Shoes With Holes

Sand Fusing Into Glass

A Muse Weighing Twins.

Cancer 28-29

A Ballet Dancer Practices

A Carnival Ride

A Daughter Of The American Revolution.

Cancer 29-30

Tooth Picks


An Indian Chief Demanding Recognition.

Capricorn 0-01

A Pocket Watch

Chicks Finding Refuge

Three Stained-Glass Windows, One Damaged By Bombardment.

Capricorn 01-02

A Wallet Full Of Money

A Virus Mutating

The Human Soul Receptive To Growth And Understanding.

Capricorn 02-03

A Massive Door And A Small Hand


A Party Entering A Large Canoe.

Capricorn 03-04

Lovers Kissing

Insects Gorging

Indians Rowing A Canoe And Dancing A War Dance.

Capricorn 04-05

A Driftwood Four Poster Bed

Animals Irritated By Humans

A Dark Archway And Ten Logs At The Bottom.

Capricorn 05-06

Six Coloured Pens Held Magically

A Net

A Veiled Prophet Of Power.

Capricorn 06-07

A Landscape Of Mountains

A Shy Child Saying What They Want

Birds In The House Singing Happily.

Capricorn 07-08

Campers At Dusk

A Kaleidoscope

An Angel Carrying A Harp.

Capricorn 08-09

A Quiver Of Arrows

Testing Tensile Strength

An Albatross Feeding From The Hand.

Capricorn 09-10


A Rowboat Drifting Under A Full Moon

A Large Group Of Pheasants.

Capricorn 10-11

Green Eyes Turning Blue

A Room Upside Down

A Student Of Nature Lecturing.

Capricorn 11-12

Feet Soaking In Fragrant Oils

A Trophy Symbolising Something Else

A Fire Worshipper.

Capricorn 12-13

A Man Wearing Leaves

Eyes And Lips Locked

An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite.

Capricorn 13-14

A Girl Sitting High Above A Forest

Around The World In 80 Days

Many Toys In The Children's Ward Of A Hospital.

Capricorn 14-15

Purple Pillows In An Alcove

Many Facets Of The Same Jewel

Boys And Girls In Gymnasium Suits.

Capricorn 15-16

The Forest Floor

A Conga Line

A Girl Surreptitiously Bathing In The Nude.

Capricorn 16-17

Eyes Changing To Green

Stones In A Duck's Belly

The Union Jack.

Capricorn 17-18

A Lounge Covered In Words

Competing Egos

A Child Of About Five With A Huge Shopping Bag.

Capricorn 18-19

A Waterfall Of Flowers

Cult Worship Of A Fast Food Chain

A Hidden Choir Singing.

Capricorn 19-20

A Birth

A Powerful Animal Caged

A Relay Race.

Capricorn 20-21

A War Torn Hero

Fresh Eyes

A General Accepting Defeat Gracefully.

Capricorn 21-22

A Cat Watches A Fly

A Red Balloon

Two Awards For Bravery In War.

Capricorn 22-23



A Woman Entering A Convent.

Capricorn 23-24

A Girl With A Pirate Vest

A Spring

An Oriental Rug Dealer.

Capricorn 24-25

Rainbow Bubbles

Cold Dark Space

A Water Sprite.

Capricorn 25-26

A Bed Of Seashells

A Heavily Salted Pool

A Mountain Pilgrimage.

Capricorn 26-27

Reading Books In The Shade


A Large Aviary.

Capricorn 27-28

A Sandpit

A Slow-Cooker

A Woman Reading Tea Leaves.

Capricorn 28-29

An Orange Glow Lamp

Power Lines Torn Down

A Secret Business Conference.

Capricorn 29-30

An Expanse Of A Coloured Bridge Of Light

Paint Peeling

A Glass-Bottomed Boat In Still Water.

Gemini 0-01

Red Velvet Curtains

Frogs And Lizards Calling

Santa Clause Filling Stockings Furtively.

Gemini 01-02

Fragrant Flowers In A House

A Whisper

The Garden Of The Tuileries.

Gemini 02-03

Shadow Paintings On A Wall

A Spiritual Conversation

Holly And Mistletoe.

Gemini 03-04

A Bowl Of Light

Muddy Footprints

A Radical Magazine.

Gemini 04-05

Men Sing Together In Tongue

A Golden Cat Waving

Drilling For Oil.

Gemini 05-06

A Flock Of Birds Flying Across The Ocean

Toy Blocks

An Old-Fashioned Well.

Gemini 06-07

Stillness In The Night

Guns Saluting

An Industrial Strike.

Gemini 07-08


An Iris Contracted

A Quiver Filled With Arrows.

Gemini 08-09


A Baby Kicking Old Ideas

An Airplane Falling.

Gemini 09-10

A Secret Guardian


A New Path Of Realism In Experience.

Gemini 10-11

Waxed Gowned Figures

A Photocopier

A Topsy Sassily Asserting Herself.

Gemini 11-12

A Light Breeze Through A Window

A Deck Of Cards

A Great Musician At His Piano.

Gemini 12-13

Swimming Nude In A River

Empty Space

A Conversation By Telepathy.

Gemini 13-14

A Swinging Rope Into A River

A Sign That Keeps Popping Up

Two Dutch Children Talking.

Gemini 14-15

A Man Watering His Garden

New Year Fireworks

A Woman Suffragist Orating.

Gemini 15-16

A House Boat With A Chandelier

A Curly Straw

The Head Of Health Dissolved Into The Head Of Mentality.

Gemini 16-17

Pink Lips

An Alpaca Guarding Sheep

Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese.

Gemini 17-18

Match Sticks

The Sound Of Money In Exchange For The Smell Of Fish

A Large Archaic Volume

Gemini 18-19

A Tight Rope Walker On A Bridge

A Mouse Eating A Candle

A Cafeteria

Gemini 19-20

Book Writing

Masai Jewellry

A Labor Demonstration.

Gemini 20-21

A Bath

A Caravan Park

A Barn Dance.

Gemini 21-22

Sleeping Under A Hole In The Roof

The Key To A Gate

Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree.

Gemini 22-23

Children Eating Jelly Beans

An Old Economic Mantra

Children Skating On Ice.

Gemini 23-24

Spider Webs Strung Through The Air

A Sharks Tooth

A Man Trimming Palms.

Gemini 24-25

A Treehouse In The Middle Of The Street

Wisdom In A Children's Book

Winter Frost In The Woods.

Gemini 25-26

Steps Made Of Clear Crystal

A Martian Welcomed

A Gypsy Coming Out Of The Forest.

Gemini 26-27

A Carnival Of Rides

Old Money And New Money

A Man Declared Bankrupt.

Gemini 27-28

Emptiness Enters A Man

A Crown

The First Mockingbird In Spring.

Gemini 28-29

Coloured Fabric Flies Through The Air

A Dog Shaking Off Water

Bathing Beauties.

Gemini 29-30

Bats Across A Moon

A Boat Filled With Zombies

A Case Of Apoplexy.

Leo 0-01

Sweet Honey

A Puppet Show

An Epidemic Of Mumps.

Leo 01-02

Hardy Laughs

A Feeling Of Completion From Entering The Race

A Woman Having Her Hair Bobbed.

Leo 02-03

An Old Woman In The Dark

Broken Guitar Strings

A Man Formally Dressed And A Deer With Its Horns Folded

Leo 03-04

An Avalanche

A Wombat

Rock Formations At The Edge Of A Precipice.

Leo 04-05

A Girl In An Itchy Tartan Dress

Spring Cleaning In Winter

An Old Fashioned Woman And A Flapper.

Leo 05-06

A Wind Carrying A Song Across The Lands

A Toe-Hold

The Constellations In The Sky.

Leo 06-07

A Knock At A Door

Elves Sitting On Someone's Head

A Bolshevik Propagandist.

Leo 07-08

A Hand Held Tightly

Eating Plums In The Woods

Glass Blowers.

Leo 08-09

The Song Of Death

Filling Shoes

Early Morning Dew.

Leo 09-10

A Hammock


Children On A Swing In A Huge Oak Tree.

Leo 10-11

A Skunk


An Evening Lawn Party.

Leo 11-12

A Fire On The Ice

Bread Or Bacon

An Old Sea Captain Rocking.

Leo 12-13

Living In A Tent On The River

A Molehill Flattened

The Human Soul Awaiting Opportunity For Expression.

Leo 13-14

Earrings That Sparkle

Vodka And Mare's Milk

A Pageant.

Leo 14-15

Swims In The Ocean

Ambushed By The Four Truths

Sunshine Just After A Storm.

Leo 15-16

People Wearing Beanies

Seas Parting

A Nonvested Church Choir.

Leo 16-17

Feeding Ducks

3 Different Versions Of Truth

A Teacher Of Chemistry.

Leo 17-18

Pidgeons Nesting In A Ceiling

A Photo Reframed

A Houseboat Party.

Leo 18-19

Drift Wood Adorning A Wall

A Sparkly Sea

The Zuni Sun Worshippers.

Leo 19-20

A Parade

A Tradesperson Focussed On The Craft

Chickens Intoxicated.

Leo 20-21

A Mans Mind Glows In The Dark

A Sea Horse

A Carrier Pigeon.

Leo 21-22

A Circle With Many Points

A Magic Wand Made Of Common Materials

A Bareback Rider.

Leo 22-23

A Girl Free Of Doctrines

An Ice-Cream Stand

An Untidy, Unkempt Man.

Leo 23-24

Children Arrive Home

A Flute Being Cleaned

A Large Camel Crossing The Desert.

Leo 24-25

Keeping Wishes In A Bottle

Fireflies In A Jar

A Rainbow.

Leo 25-26

A Tiger Playing With A Child

An Old Movie


Leo 26-27

Coloured Paint Scattered On The Floor

A Full Cupboard

Many Little Birds On The Limb Of A Large Tree.

Leo 27-28

Incense Smokes Through The Air


A Mermaid.

Leo 28-29

Warm Days

A Gong

An Unsealed Letter.

Leo 29-30

Pink Roses Hung In A Doorway

A Bubble

A Butterfly Made Perfect By A Dart Through It.

Libra 0-01

A Candled Chandelier

Baby Brain

The Light Of The Sixth Race Transmuted To The Seventh.

Libra 01-02

A Gold Cup Filled With Water

6 Degrees Of Separation

The Dawn Of A New Day, Everything Changed.

Libra 02-03

Twin Girls With Different Hair Cuts

A Bird Stretching Wings

A Group Around A Campfire.

Libra 03-04

A Snake On A Wall

An Ocean Full Of Fish

A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge.

Libra 04-05

Two People In The Cold Drinking Vodka

A New Dimension Theorized

The Ideals Of A Man Abundantly Crystallized.

Libra 05-06

The Galaxy On A Roof

A Rainbow Fish

A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From The Hawks.

Libra 06-07

Butterflies Adorning Hair

A Quiet Late Night Supper With Friends

A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home.

Libra 07-08

Nuns Covering Their Nudity

Wishing Feathers

Three Old Masters Hanging In An Art Gallery.

Libra 08-09

A Boy Looking Through A Telescope

Donuts And Coffee

A Canoe Approaching Safety Through Dangerous Waters.

Libra 09-10

A Gypsy Flag

Distant Cousins That Look Alike

A Professor Peering Over His Glasses.

Libra 10-11

A Girl Mesmerised By A Crystal

A Butterfly Merged Into The Pumping Heart Organ

Miners Emerging From A Mine.

Libra 11-12

An Exercise Regime

An Antenna

Children Blowing Soap Bubbles.

Libra 12-13

A Bandaged Leg

A Curious Little Box

A Noon Siesta.

Libra 13-14

A Mothers Love

People On Wheels

Circular Paths.

Libra 14-15

A House Made Of Doors

A Pirate

A Boat Landing Washed Away

Libra 15-16

Gold Medals

Contempt Showing Its Poison

A Retired Sea Captain.

Libra 16-17

Wings Fluttering

A Rug Cut Up And Recycled

Two Men Placed Under Arrest.

Libra 17-18

A Vase Full Of Poppies

A Workplace Whose Boss Is On Holiday

A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding.

Libra 18-19

Flashing Lights


A Jewish Rabbi.

Libra 19-20

A Happy Sunny Wedding


A Crowd Upon The Beach.

Libra 20-21

A Man Studying

A Stubbed Toe

A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain.

Libra 21-22

A Boy Arrives Home A Man

A Second Hand Unwinds

A Chanticleer.

Libra 22-23

A Fur Carpet

A New Movie

A Third Wing On The Left Side Of A Butterfly.

Libra 23-24

A Caravan Filled With Red

White Linen On A Clothesline

Information In The Symbol Of An Autumn Leaf.

Libra 24-25

Collected Fabrics To Build Tents

A Hose Unrolled

An Eagle And A Large White Dove Turning Into Each Other.

Libra 25-26

A Child Playing Unaware Of The Bars

Hunger Satisfied Through Learning

An Airplane Hovering Overhead.

Libra 26-27

A Burst Of Light Coming From A Mans Chest

A Dinosaur

A Man In The Midst Of Brightening Influences.

Libra 27-28

Writing The Story Of The Heart

Accidental Inspiration

Humanity Seeking To Bridge The Span Of Knowledge.

Libra 28-29

Peacock Blue Feathers

Batteries Running Out

Three Mounds Of Knowledge On A Philosopher's Head.

Libra 29-30

Peering Through A Small Window

Current Photos

A Public Market.

Pisces 0-01

Phrases Cut Into Small Pieces

Phones And Laptops Glitching

A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters.

Pisces 01-02

Flies Buzzing Around A Head

A Soft Belly For A Cat To Lie On

A Petrified Forest.

Pisces 02-03

Ice Skaters

Clouds And Dreams

Heavy Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus.

Pisces 03-04

A Lamp Festival


A Church Bazaar.

Pisces 04-05

A Sword Flashing In The Sun

An Angel Made Redundant

Officers On Dress Parade.

Pisces 05-06

Light Streaming Through A Window

A Queen's Court All In Black

A Cross Lying On Rocks.

Pisces 06-07

Hair Styles

Spiky Shoes

A Girl Blowing A Bugle.

Pisces 07-08

A Car Travelling On Water

A Hidden Book Illuminated

A Jockey.

Pisces 08-09

A Romantic Dinner For Two

Toxic Friends

An Aviator In The Clouds.

Pisces 09-10

Black Dancing Shoes

Reality Tv

Men Seeking Illumination.

Pisces 10-11

Lace Stockings With Old Boots

Colours In The Sky

An Examination Of Initiates.

Pisces 11-12

Leaves Falling From A Tree

Mowing The Lawn

A Sword In A Museum.

Pisces 12-13

A Fridge Covered In Words

One Emotion Confused For Another

A Lady In Fox Fur.

Pisces 13-14

Birds Fly With Painted Wings

A Dragon

An Officer Preparing To Drill His Men.

Pisces 14-15

A Table Covered In Plates Of Food

The North Pole

The Flow Of Inspiration.

Pisces 15-16

Fireflies Landing On A Shoulder

St Patrick's Day

An Easter Promenade.

Pisces 16-17

White Feathers Landing On The Snow

A Crab With Castanets

A Gigantic Tent.

Pisces 17-18

Joining With Others In A Crocheted Bus Around The World


A Master Instructing His Disciple.

Pisces 18-19

Living In Caravans

Coloured Pencils Form A Square

A Table Set For An Evening Meal.

Pisces 19-20

People From The Same Tribe

A Wild One

A Little White Lamb, A Child And A Chinese Servant.

Pisces 20-21

Dancing With A Cat

Plumbing Rerouted

A Man Bringing Down The New Law From Sinai.

Pisces 21-22

A Woman Smiling At Sunset

Welcome Manners

Spiritist Phenomena.

Pisces 22-23

A Journey Into The Jungle

Comfort In Isolation

An Inhabited Island.

Pisces 23-24

Doors Shutting


The Purging Of The Priesthood.

Pisces 24-25

A School Fair

A Clean Slate

A New Moon That Divides Its Influences.

Pisces 25-26

Crystal Stairs Down To Healing Baths

A Predator Bluffed

A Harvest Moon.

Pisces 26-27

A Girl Imagining The Rest Of Her Life

Nostrils Flared

A Fertile Garden Under The Full Moon.

Pisces 27-28

People Bustling To Work

Children Bringing Signs

A Prism.

Pisces 28-29

A Girls Head Shaved

Marshmallows Toasting Over A Fire

The Great Stone Face.

Pisces 29-30

Peering At The Stars Above

Eyebrows Threaded

A Grand Army Of The Republic Campfire.

Sagittarius 0-01

Communion Between People

Dancing And Strutting

The Ocean Covered With Whitecaps.

Sagittarius 01-02

A Boy Dreaming Of The Circus

Well-Worn Shoes

Two Men Playing Chess.

Sagittarius 02-03

Secret Fantasies

Wee Willie Winkie

A Little Child Learning To Walk.

Sagittarius 03-04

Challenging The Status Quo

Grace Under Fire

An Old Owl Up In A Tree.

Sagittarius 04-05


A Nation Hoping For Girls

A Game Of Cricket.

Sagittarius 05-06

Fingers Playing With Fabric

A Rope

Cupid Knocking At The Door.

Sagittarius 06-07

Friends Laughing Together

Singing Bells

Rocks And Things Forming Therein.

Sagittarius 07-08

A Jewish Manuscript

Sticky Tape And Glue

A Mother With Her Children On Stairs.

Sagittarius 08-09

Aqua Blue Water

A Wreath

A Golden-Haired Goddess Of Opportunity.

Sagittarius 09-10

Music Drones At A Merry Go Round

A Leopard

The Lamp Of Physical Enlightenment At The Left Temple.

Sagittarius 10-11

An Eternal Pair Of Shoes

Wind Carrying Voices And Scents From Afar

A Flag That Turns Into An Eagle That Crows.

Sagittarius 11-12

A Policeman Taking A Break

A Knitting Pattern

A Widow's Past Brought To Light.

Sagittarius 12-13

Fragrant Flowers Around A Doorway

A Bully

The Pyramids And The Sphinx.

Sagittarius 13-14

A Shop Opens For Business

A Bush Fireman Retired

The Ground Hog Looking For Its Shadow.

Sagittarius 14-15

Red Lava Illuminating The Sky

The Body Revealing Secrets

Sea Gulls Watching A Ship.

Sagittarius 15-16

Water Flowing Through Fingers

A Drum Kit Getting Pounded

An Easter Sunrise Service.

Sagittarius 16-17

Black And White Merging

Youths In A Playground

Tiny Children In Sunbonnets.

Sagittarius 17-18

Smoothing Mud Brick Walls

Sticker Fun

Pelicans Moving Their Habitat.

Sagittarius 18-19

Wings Spread Across A Canyon

A Tree House

Men Cutting Through Ice.

Sagittarius 19-20

A Bridge Across A Gorge

A Shopping Cart

A Child And A Dog With Borrowed Eyeglasses.

Sagittarius 20-21

Gum Nut Babies

A Child Constantly Interrupting

A Chinese Laundry.

Sagittarius 21-22

A Waterfall As A Shower

Birds Bringing Signs

Immigrants Entering.

Sagittarius 22-23

Chocolate Pouring From A Jug

A Blue Egg

A Bluebird Standing At The Door Of The House.

Sagittarius 23-24

Tower Dwellers

A Beach At Low Tide

A Chubby Boy On A Hobbyhorse.

Sagittarius 24-25

A Quiet House

Laughing And Farting

A Flag-Bearer.

Sagittarius 25-26

A Dark Void


A Sculptor.

Sagittarius 26-27

Crows Calling

Jets Cooling

An Old Bridge Over A Beautiful Stream.

Sagittarius 27-28

A Painting In A Gallery

Garbage Spilling Over

A Fat Boy Mowing The Lawn.

Sagittarius 28-29

A Book Of Sprites, A Dresser

A Pancake Stack

The Pope.

Sagittarius 29-30

A Burial

An Ice Sculpture

A Sight-Seeing Bus.

Scorpio 0-01

Mud Being Moulded Into Bricks

A Doctor

A Broken Bottle And Spilled Perfume.

Scorpio 01-02

Men Below A Lions Cage

A Hula Hoop

A House-Raising.

Scorpio 02-03

A Girl Stands Nude At The Zoo


A Youth Holding A Lighted Candle.

Scorpio 03-04

A Man Flies Above The Angels

Changing Minds

A Massive, Rocky Shore.

Scorpio 04-05

Stones Skipping On Water

Bees Making Honey

A Gold Rush.

Scorpio 05-06

A Leopard Sits In A Suburban Window

A Squirrel With Acorn-Filled Cheeks

Deep-Sea Divers.

Scorpio 06-07

Kissing All Night

A Student Teaching The Expert

The Moon Shining Across A Lake.

Scorpio 07-08

Dust Dancing

A Jealous Audience

Dental Work.

Scorpio 08-09

Dancing Under Moonlight In Nature

A Project Reaches Far

A Fellowship Supper.

Scorpio 09-10

The Inscription Of Love

The Sound Of Tumbled Crystals

A Drowning Man Rescued.

Scorpio 10-11

A Moustache So Large Birds Are Nesting In It


An Embassy Ball.

Scorpio 11-12

Light Moving Gracefully

A Turtle Poking Its Head Out

An Inventor Experimenting.

Scorpio 12-13

Cars Buzzing Past

Drum Beats Heart Beats

Telephone Linemen At Work.

Scorpio 13-14

White Underwear On A Line

A Gentleman

Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand.

Scorpio 14-15

A Pot Of Boiling Water

A Pair Of Sharp Scissors

A Girl's Face Breaking Into A Smile.

Scorpio 15-16

Calendar Dates Flying Into The Air

A Pet That Heals

A Woman The Father Of Her Own Child.

Scorpio 16-17

Sunflower Dresses

High School Prom

A Woods Rich In Autumn Coloring.

Scorpio 17-18

Children Piecing Words Together

A Worry Stone

A Parrot Listening And Then Talking.

Scorpio 18-19

A Homeless Man

A Torch

A Woman Drawing Two Dark Curtains Aside.

Scorpio 19-20

A Book Of Recipes

A Full Book Case

A Soldier Derelict In Duty.

Scorpio 20-21

A Lion In A Cage

A Choir Of Crickets

Hunters Starting Out For Ducks.

Scorpio 21-22

Green Glass

Another Piece Of Cake

A Bunny Metamorphosed Into A Fairy.

Scorpio 22-23

A Hammer Knocking A Nail In

Singing Off-Key

Crowds Coming Down The Mountain To Listen To One Man.

Scorpio 23-24

Maps With Pink Lines

A Rose Growing In A Neglected Corner

An X Ray.

Scorpio 24-25

Gold Treads Wrapped Around A Wrist

A Gypsy Castle

Indians Making Camp.

Scorpio 25-26

A Movie Star

Wings Being Maintained

A Military Band On The March.

Scorpio 26-27

A Blank Piece Of Paper

A Buried Child Given Life

The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain.

Scorpio 27-28

Dew On The Skin

A Poem Too Clever To Resonate

An Indian Squaw Pleading To The Chief For The Lives Of Her Children.

Scorpio 28-29

Cuddling Lions In A Park

Brains Versus Brawn Versus Beauty

The Halloween Jester.

Scorpio 29-30

Drawings Covering The Walls Of A House

A Church Repurposed For A Rock Concert

A Clear Mountain Stream.

Taurus 0-01

Others Naming A Book

Silver Linings

An Electrical Storm.

Taurus 01-02

Honey Dripping From A Tongue

A Safety Border

Steps Up To A Lawn Blooming With Clover.

Taurus 02-03

Moonlight Across The Water

A Pattern Repeats

The Rainbow's Pot Of Gold.

Taurus 03-04

Lady Birds Arriving On Mass

Being Focussed On The Practical

A Widow At An Open Grave.

Taurus 04-05

A Boy Rides An Eagle

The Garden, Through A Window, Matching The Interior

A Bridge Being Built Across A Gorge.

Taurus 05-06

A Sand Buddha On The Beach

Shades Of Grey

A Woman Of Samaria.

Taurus 06-07

An Open Road

A Bird Colony

A Sleigh Without Snow.

Taurus 07-08

Holes In A Pillow Case With A New Lining Underneath

A Ladybird

A Christmas Tree Decorated.

Taurus 08-09

Flower Arranging

An Umbrella Inside Out

A Red Cross Nurse.

Taurus 09-10

Watching Dew Slide From A Leaf

A Treasure Map

A Woman Sprinkling Flowers.

Taurus 10-11

A Small Child That Looks Like A Doll

Grass Growing


Taurus 11-12

A Box Of New Pencils

Deep Blue Sea

A Man Handling Baggage.

Taurus 12-13

A Man In A Tutu

Elbows And Knees

Shellfish Groping And Children Playing.

Taurus 13-14

Coloured Glass Containers

A Baptism

A Man Muffled Up, With A Rakish Silk Hat.

Taurus 14-15

Circus Performers

Dark Black Night

An Old Man Attempting Vainly To Reveal The Mysteries

Taurus 15-16

A Plane Taking Off


A Battle Between The Swords And Torches.

Taurus 16-17

A Tiny House Rich In Spirit

Soft Mud Changed To Rock

A Woman Holding A Bag Out Of A Window.

Taurus 17-18

Talking Trees

The Moon And Man Regarding Each Other

A Newly Formed Continent.

Taurus 18-19

A Sturdy Boat Across An Ocean

A Tiny Cut Gets Infected

Wind, Clouds And Haste.

Taurus 19-20

Bottles Of Perfumed Oil

The Illusion Of Conflict

A Finger Pointing In An Open Book.

Taurus 20-21


Coffee Gone Cold

White Dove Over Troubled Waters.

Taurus 21-22

A Grasshopper

A Sad Memory Come Around

A Jewellery Shop.

Taurus 22-23

A Church Crumbling

A Happy Memory Come Around

A Mounted Indian With Scalp Locks.

Taurus 23-24

Messages In The Sky

A Challenging Soul Mate

A Large Well-Kept Public Park.

Taurus 24-25

A Red And White Striped Wall

A Motor Bike

A Spaniard Serenading His Senorita.

Taurus 25-26

Autumn Leaves Floating To The Ground

A Heart Carved Of Rose Quartz

An Squaw Selling Beads.

Taurus 26-27

Friends Meeting For Lunch

A Dutch Windmill

A  Woman Pursued By Mature Romance.

Taurus 27-28

Spiders In The Garden

Fairies In A Tree

Two Cobblers Working At A Table.

Taurus 28-29

A Boy At A Gate Waiting For His Mother

A Chopping Board

A Peacock Parading On An Ancient Lawn.

Taurus 29-30

A Paint Brush Covered In Red

A Very Long Table

A Man's Head

Virgo 0-01

Yoga And Meditation

A Goldfish With Bells On Its Whiskers

A Large White Cross Upraised.

Virgo 01-02

A Wall Covered In Hand Painted Stars

A Parachute

Two Angels Bringing Protection.

Virgo 02-03

Stars Pouring From A Hand

Torrential Rains

A Chocolate Child Playing With Whites.

Virgo 03-04

An Upside Down Door Knocker

A Dream Of Flying

A Man Dreaming Of Fairies.

Virgo 04-05

A Conversation

A Wound Healing Quickly

A Merry-Go-Round.

Virgo 05-06

French Blue Glass Doors

A Rocket

A Harem.

Virgo 06-07

A Word Bomb Ticking

Colouring In

First Dancing Instruction.

Virgo 07-08

Lips Parched From The Sun

A Miniature

A Man Making Futurist Drawings.

Virgo 08-09

A Sorrowful Mourn

A Happy Surprise

Two Heads Looking Out And Beyond The Shadows.

Virgo 09-10

A Girl Wears A Snake For A Necklace

Spinning Wool

A Boy Moulded In His Mother's Aspirations For Him.

Virgo 10-11

Words Embedded In Bricks

A New Language

A Bride With Her Veil Snatched Away.

Virgo 11-12

Love At First Sight

A Public Holiday

A Strong Hand Supplanting Political Hysteria.

Virgo 12-13

A Girl Breathing Deeply

The Upper Hand Given Away

A Family Tree.

Virgo 13-14

Fairy Floss Hair

A Boomerang

An Ornamental Handkerchief.

Virgo 14-15


A Blue Spiral

An Orangutang.

Virgo 15-16

A Pit Of Snakes

A Jigsaw Completed Again

A Volcano In Eruption.

Virgo 16-17

Silver Tinsel At Christmas

A Test Pattern

An Ouija Board.

Virgo 17-18

Officers Salute

A Clockwork Toy

A Swimming Race.

Virgo 18-19

Men Relaxing In The Clouds

3 Wise Monkeys

An Automobile Caravan.

Virgo 19-20

A Gold Bar In A Tunnel

The Return

A Girls' Basketball Team.

Virgo 20-21

A Cat Lounging On A Shoulder

Fairy Lights And Balmy Nights

A Royal Coat Of Arms.

Virgo 21-22

Drinking Glasses Saluting

Pigs In Space

An Animal Trainer.

Virgo 22-23

A Snake In The Shape Of A Staircase

A Cowgirl

Mary And Her White Lamb.

Virgo 23-24

A Cup Of Coffee

Yellow Discs Twirling

A Flag At Half-Mast.

Virgo 24-25

Birds Singing


A Boy With A Censer.

Virgo 25-26

Kind Words

Mongolian Horsemen

Grande Dames At Tea.

Virgo 26-27

A Handstand

Glyphs In A Wall

A Bald-Headed Man.

Virgo 27-28

Two Friends Baking On A Rock

A Figure Eight And A Double Helix

A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge From A Paper He Is Reading.

Virgo 28-29

A Pair Of Feet Poking Out A Van

Shadow Play

A False Call Unheard In Attention To Immediate Service.

Virgo 29-30

Fairy Dust Under A Bed

A Breath Of Fresh Air



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