The 360 Sabian Symbols and Birthday Astrology

Ivy by Alphonse Mucha 1901

So what are the Sabian Symbols?

In 1925 an astrologer, Marc Edmund Jones, and a clairvoyant, Elsie Wheeler, created the 360 symbols, corresponding to every degree in a horoscopic circle.

Marc wrote the degrees on the back of 360 cards, shuffled them, and handed each random card blank-side to Elsie, who described an image that Marc then wrote on the card.

In 1953 Marc published The Sabian Symbols in Astrology which also included his interpretations of each image.  For more information, check out the organisation he founded. 

However, times have changed! And the world is large and varied!

For me, I wish that we had the actual images that Elsie saw.  Since the descriptions are all that we have, one of the difficulties is the fact that the words do not convey the complete image.  The words then become interpreted and re-interpreted.  If that is case, why not open the interpretation to everyone?  We are all unique and all have ability and access to insight as we are all connected to the wonderful universe. 

So this website serves as a collaborative project where anyone with an insight into their Sabian Symbols astrology can add their interpretation here (or create their own similar to the Sabian Symbols degrees).
I have chosen to use the original symbols for this website, the ones channelled and written onto the cards.  There have been astrologers who choose to change the wording, I believe that the original allows freer individual interpretation for YOU!

In my hobby consultations with people I have seen how different planets give different meanings to a Sabian image, and how different life circumstances give each resulting astronarrative an interesting twist.

The most useful application of the Sabian Symbols astrology occurs when someone has lived half a life already, and it's interesting how patterns can be revealed this way, which is enlightening. 

It's far more difficult to use this astronarrative as a predictive tool, for a newborn, as there are so many interpretations that can be made on the one image.  Once you have lived to at least middle age, you can see how points in your life have corresponded to the symbols in the astronarrative.

Click on the Signs in the left navigation to read more about your specific Sabian images.

Karma and your Astronarrative

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There are elements of astrology that use the idea of reincarnation - such as the Rahu/North Node/Dragon's Head, which is interpreted to be your path of spiritual progression, as your Ketu/South Node/Dragon's Tail is your previous lifetimes. 

This then leads into the idea of the karma concept: lifetimes of learning cause and effect. Your birthday astrology can tell you what gifts you bring from your previous lifetimes and what your path of spiritual progression is.

Astrology does not tie you to being a certain way, and it doesn't predict everything about you. It may explain, in a different way, the energy in your life and its potential challenges and possibilities.  And we are always changing our karma.

Since we are meant to exist and we choose when and where  and who we are born to (which is really interesting when we see if certain sabian symbols are in fact ancestrally relevant), then everything that happens is a lesson to learn and grow as soul. 

In this way, our astronarrative helps us to accept the past, to understand what is presented as a struggle (as there is a past life reason), and to appreciate our gifts.

In a more holistic sense, the birthday astrology brings points of intensity - the planets - to specific symbols, and any or all of these are part of our spiritual progression, of course!

If we have chosen our gifts and lessons, we still can continue to choose.  Where you have "had enough" or learned as much as you can about your lessons, you can still evolve and choose different paths (in fact, change from old patterns and evolution is necessary for survival and soul growth). 

I do not believe in astrology as fatalistic.  Here, the astronarrative is about understanding the story you chose to experience at birth.   Take a holistic view of your birthday astrology and do a Karma Review to see if you can tick off any lessons.

Then move on and continue making new karmic choices for yourself!

As we move through this present life, we do all we can to improve karma by:

  • bringing as much Love or (if love is too hard)
  • Compassion or (if compassion is too hard)
  • Tolerance into the situation.

Personal Development

What will you learn when you venture into your astronarrative (the sabian symbols that form your birthday astrology)?

The following will be part of your evolving paradigm:

  • Everyone truly is different.  We are a complex collection of experiences, with instructions to learn even more, for our spiritual progression.  If someone has illnesses or problems with money, for example, it could be for a variety of reasons, and there is no "one fix".  While we are all human, with a lot of similarities, we are also beautifully different.

  • Everyone is learning.  When you look at your Rahu and Ketu (or North and South node), you see where you have spent many lifetimes becoming an "expert" in the lessons of a particular sign (your Ketu or South node), and in this life, you must now balance this with lessons from the opposite sign.  So now you may understand why you could do your boss' job so much better but are not the boss and they are.  They are there to learn leadership and responsibility, but leadership may not be your path of spiritual progression.  You, however, will find life expands when you learn the lessons in your Rahu/North node.

  • Everyone is beautiful.  How can we not be when we have chosen the stars we will be born under?  The stars are a source of comfort and constancy while humans play in the chaos of life.  We are one with the stars, and each star belongs to the whole sky.

  • Everyone is here for a reason.  You brought a set of karmic circumstances into your life, to learn.  Everyone has done the same.  There is a reason we are all here - the people who hurt you, the people you love you.  Forgive the ones that hurt you, because through them, you have had to learn some lessons.  Deep down, we don't wish to hurt people, yet despite our best, we have also hurt people, being the vessels for their lessons.  So think of everyone as part of a cooperative design; forgive and thank yourself for the lessons you bring others, forgive and thank others for the lessons they bring you.

  • Everyone has access to unique energies.  We all have superpowers!  For example, where are your Jupiter, Uranus, Ceres/Pallas/Juno?  These are the energies where you are lucky, to use for your (and other's) benefit.  Even if you don't consider yourself "lucky" with certain Sabian Symbols degrees (such as Ceres on "An Automobile Is Wrecked By A Train"), those energies might be there to help other people (we are here for our own journey, though it is a collaborative one).

  • Everyone can free themselves.  The universe is constantly changing, and with the many opportunities to learn, we can move past our natal karma.  Nobody is stuck with their karma forever!  Get your lessons over and done with, so you can choose better karma and energies for the rest of this lifetime.

I hope that your Astronarrative gives you comfort that you have been on your right path all along.

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