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I'm Bek Lui, and I am an Astronarrative enthusiast.  Bek Lui is my nom de plume, my writer's name that I have used when I want to protect my privacy or those of my loved ones.  I am using my nom de plume as I reveal events that my family would not appreciate me making public.  I understand, if you interact with this site, that you choose to use your first name or nickname only.

This site was created to help people collaborate and understand their Sabian Symbols, grouped into an Astronarrative based on their birthday astrology, which is a snapshot of your karma at birth.

Our karma is always changing due to the decisions we make, and when we love ourselves (and others) we can free ourselves of our karma.

Understanding this has been so helpful to me, that I wanted to help other people see another side to themselves, hence this website to facilitate that.

There are other Sabian Symbol enthusiasts who offer daily forecasts based on the symbols, however I am only interested in the karma aspect of our astrology, so this site only focusses on the natal astronarrative horoscope. 

I am not a medium or psychic (any more than anyone else) but I am a philosopher and the Sabian Symbols do intrigue me, as part of many lines of enquiry about our existence.  In this instance, I specifically find it interesting that when we are born, we are "dealt a hand" and we may continue a pattern of that "hand" even when we grow up and consider ourselves "free".  I believe that the Astronarrative can show us where patterns are if we hadn't examined ourselves before.

I sincerely hope that this site helps or entertains you. 

If you would like to drop me a message, please use the contact form below.  If I find your communication could be helpful to others, I will use your message on the site.  Please read the legal and policies too.

I would like to shout out a thanks to my friend Pam, without whose energy I wouldn't have kept going :)

Also many thanks to the website Past Forward (or healpastlives.com) - which started me on this particular journey!

Many thanks, and blessings on your journey!

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