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So how do we change our karma moving toward free will astrology?

How do we change our patterns, our lives, ourselves?

Well, the good news is that we change anyway.  We grow anyway.  We are meant to evolve.  Our natal karma (as shown in our astronarrative) is the starting point, and we decide our end point (as well as the adventures in between).  Think of it all as a treasure map - we start somewhere and end up at the treasure after going to various markers on the way.  How much we grow depends on how well we have learned.

But let's talk practicalities.

The first place to start is to look at our problems.  Usually our physical ailments or aches are the first indicator that something is wrong spiritually.  There are plenty of books but the one I use is "Your Body is the Barometer of the Soul" by Annette Noontil. 

A kinesiologist will also help to balance your spirit and emotions with your physical body (hormones and muscles).

Then we personally do our own homework, which is to regroup and review our lives, to sort out the patterns we are recreating.

For example, if your father died suddenly as a child and your mother became depressed and life became difficult afterwards, you may find you are constantly preparing yourself in life for "disaster to happen" and unable to relax because you are so busy preparing (such as joining the army, doing survival courses, learning first aid etc etc).  The program you had as a child was of disaster occurring.  You may recreate disasters in your life or put yourself into dangerous situations so that you can prove to yourself that you can overcome disasters that threatened you so much when you were a child and vulnerable.  You may find that on holidays you are always "working" such as learning languages or learning about the culture because you can't relax and enjoy life knowing that any minute a disaster might happen.  So clearly this is a pattern that needs to be cleared, as it is in your subconscious, which is stored in your body.

Or you may have a pattern of being jealous of a sibling that was a parent's favorite, so you go through life unaware that you test people's loyalty.  Or that you overachieve because you are looking for approval hoping to become the favorite, but instead you meet people who don't care or are unappreciative of what you do for them. In fact you are just attracting people subconsciously that will help recreate the dynamic that hurt you in your childhood.  I recommend Michael Domeyko Rowlands as someone to listen/watch to learn more about this.

Our subconscious wants us to grow, so it wants us to overcome old wounds.  Each new "old" situation is a chance for you to try something different so you can grow as a person.  You may finally understand that no amount of preparation will actually stop disaster, but learning to appreciate and relax and enjoy each moment is where you need to learn to get the most out of life (you have already "learned" about preparation, now for the next lesson).  Or if you were Overachieving, and getting nowhere but frustration and resentment from colleagues, try Not-Overachieving And Simply Being (or Nurturing Others... or something else!)

You are not removing the overachiever - that person or program is still there in you for when you need it again.  You are just trying a new program to develop all the parts of yourself (and these are infinite) so that you can choose any of these parts to deal with whatever situation is in front of you (and life has a large variety to throw at you!).  This is called situational leadership.  Even "bad" traits in human beings have an ideal situation to be expressed in.  For example, aggressiveness is extremely useful when we are threatened, but very much an impediment when we are on a plane.  If you are a very polite person that has never had the courage to express your aggressiveness (because in your childhood, there was already an aggressive dominating person around and you had to be polite or charming to fit into the dynamic to survive or you would be clashing all the time), you may find life gives you stressful situations to develop the aggressiveness.  If you had just a tiny fingertip worth of aggression (which you judge or find attractive in others because you've repressed it in yourself), how much would it change your life?

When you are making changes, baby steps is fine.  Just try something different, just as an experiment to see what happens... trial and error: it's how we have all evolved.

David Cowan @ freeimages.com

We observe our reactions and our thoughts, and the more we observe, regroup and review, the more we can effect change in ourselves.

So you may look at your birthday astrology, do a karma review to tick off the life lessons in your astronarrative, and wonder how you can be move toward free will astrology to choose your next lessons. 

Well you free yourself when you decide you've learnt enough of a particular lesson.  You may decide that creating jealousy in others due to overachieving is not the way to get people to value you the way a parent couldn't, so you might decide your next lesson is to learn to value yourself (away from overachieving). 

It's like eating 10 pizzas.  You get sick of eating them.  Finally you decide you don't want to eat pizza but want to try Chinese food.  Of course you may go back to pizza, but you might take one bite and remember why you didn't want to go back to pizza.  So you remind yourself, don't eat the rest of the pizza, and order a new food.  Or you decide that one day you'll have pizza, just that one time, and it will be gourmet, and exactly the way YOU want it, and you'll thoroughly enjoy that experience.  Then move on to a new cuisine.

We all eventually evolve because we are sick of the same lesson over and over.  It takes self-awareness and reviewing our lives and patterns to see that we are the common denominator in our problems.  When we see what we have done, it becomes easier to change our own habits.  In this way, we also need to see what we want, to have a goal to look forward to in order to leave something behind (or we get attached because we are scared to change into something we don't know about).

This means visualising or drawing our future, and if we can't do that, just being grateful for what we do like in the present.  For example, change your negative thoughts about someone into gratitude for the time that you are apart, by saying "thank you for giving me space".  You will find that the gratitude for the space will bring energy into giving you more space.  As slowly more and more good things happen or exist for you to be grateful about, you start seeing more of what you want, and creating your new karma.

Once you have learnt your karmic lessons, continuing the pattern in your life will feel like punishment because we are meant to keep learning and evolving.

Of course, you may have some favorite gifts that you brought with you, in your karmic astrology.  It is up to you of course to decide what you want to change or keep.  For example, you may have had enough of "An Automobile Wrecked By A Train".  So you review your life for the lesson in that symbol, understand the lesson, and choose a new goal in life (in this case it might be how to love someone without suffering for it).  It might feel strange because old habits do feel familiar and we are attached to them such as if you have generational suffering for love like this woman then this toxic energy feels like "home".  If the old energy you don't want keeps popping up you need to be honest with yourself about your attachment to that energy (what are you getting out of it, what fears are holding you back from change).

Find a part of your astronarrative that you will work with while you clear yourself of an old pattern, or symbol.  This way, you don't have an identity crisis if you "sweep away" all your old karma.  In fact, none of the gifts disappear.  They are just part of your tool kit now, while you look forward to creating your next new tools.

Also, be flexible, you don't have to choose the new tools or your future from the Sabian symbols.  The symbols are there to help understand the hand we were dealt, and we are meant to use our own interpretations.  So you continue your unique vision of yourself when you decide who you will become or what your future will look like (free yourself from the hand you were dealt), and that is free will astrology.

You will find that the more lessons, tools or new cuisines you try, the more you understand your fellow humans! The habitually polite person will finally understand at a deeper level the annoying aggressive people that surround them, because they realise that those people are a mirror for what is being repressed inside (and the more repressed, the more demonic the energy, the harder the lesson becomes if we don't learn it early enough - heard of the pebble, the stone and the brick?).

With understanding yourself, you will be able to bring more tolerance, then compassion, then love into your life and into the universe.

As Ellen from healpastlives.com would say: THAT is good karma!


If you take away anything from this page, it's that YES, you can change your karma, YES you do deserve a bright future, and YES you are learning and have it in your power to effect what you want.  Free Will Astrology is about consciously transforming the energies that dance through you.

Now you know what to do...DO IT :)



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