00-01 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: A Glass-Bottomed Boat In Still Water.
  • Virgo: A Man's Head.
  • Sagittarius: A Grand Army Of The Republic Campfire.

  • Pisces: A Public Market.

This cross is the journey from quiet perception (Gemini - seeing through the glass to the life within our or others' watery emotional body), to thinking (Virgo analysis, mentality), to Sagittarius chatter and reminiscence/debrief of a group (in this instance with the military in common - which can signify life-warrior energy, how brave we are to be born and survive the classroom of life), to the noise/distraction and jostle for attention that is the public market (Pisces).  The increase in noise reaches crescendo at Pisces and contrasts with the Gemini peaceful perception.  According to the Buddha, being centred no matter what is happening externally is the aim of mental focus.  For myself, I find I run through different meanings of the perceptions are in my head – is it higher self-guidance or subconscious signaling or past-life or other people’s energies?  This is my confusion that I relate to the Piscean symbol, or it could be the Virgo mentality trying to sort what belongs where. 

This cross works backward – out of the noise and hustle of Pisces we can find our own tribe (Sagittarius), and with our own intellect sift/sort (Virgo) through all the different perceptions available and find our own clarity (Gemini).

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