00-01 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Clear Mountain Stream.
  • Leo: A Case Of Apoplexy.

  • Scorpio: A Sight-Seeing Bus.

  • Aquarius: An Old Adobe Mission.


When confronted with an issue, what are our options? 

We could maintain detachment to ensure that we are unaffected, merrily continuing along our flow (Taurus) (or alternately washing our hands - and guilt - of the issue) or similarly merely observe on our way elsewhere (Scorpio).

We could respond with outrage (Leo), or use that energy to hunker down and try to improve things by committing ourselves to "doing good" (Aquarius).  By the way, there literally is an Old Adobe Mission in Arizona, built in 1933, as an Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Catholic Church. 

There is no judgement to any of these options - not all do-gooders are appreciated, however well-intentioned; apoplexy is a negative emotion but shows the person has heart and feelings; and the non-involved Taurus and Scorpio symbols indicate trying to hold a sense of peace and clarity (Taurus) whatever has been learnt by the scene (Scorpio).

If we interpret the case of apoplexy in the medical sense, which is defined as bleeding in the internal organs, then the Leo symbol could be the issue itself that the rest of the symbols respond to.  According to Lise Bourbeau's Your Body's Telling You: Love Yourself! the metaphysical cause of internal bleeding is "that you suffer in silence and don't want anyone to know what you are going through.  You feel you have no one to confide in... no one to help you".

In this case, the sight-seeing bus (Scorpio) is a metaphor for others seeing and knowing what you are going through, the adobe mission (Aquarius) provides the help you need, so that eventually you get to a clear state (Taurus) of natural flow through the body.


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