00-01 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Clear Mountain Stream.
  • Leo: A Case Of Apoplexy.

  • Scorpio: A Sight-Seeing Bus.

  • Aquarius: An Old Adobe Mission.

When confronted with an issue, what are our options? 

We could merrily continue along our flow (Taurus) with clear conscience. Similarly, we could observe or witness the issue on our way elsewhere (Scorpio).  For those of us who are only meant to ‘witness’ rather than ‘do’, the challenge is allowing life to unfold for others without interfering in another’s soul learning.  Scorpio’s bus is the blessing that allows sightseeing while restricting the ‘doing’.

We could respond with outrage (Leo), or use that energy to improve the situation and commit ourselves to ‘doing good’ (Aquarius).  By the way, there is literally an Old Adobe Mission in Arizona, built in 1933, also called Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Catholic Church. 

Moving around the cross, we begin with a clear conscience (Taurus) or innocence, until we see something (Scorpio) that outrages us (Leo) and decide to do something about it (Aquarius) providing us a sense of direction and inner peace (Taurus) for at least trying.

Aquarius’ symbol contains a solution to Leo's outrage—giving problems to God.  This gives the cross another layer: permission to leave the situation (Taurus and Scorpio) especially for those who get compassion fatigue or burnout from doing good, or those who finally understand their efforts are futile.

If we use Leo’s apoplexy in the strict medical sense, which is defined as bleeding in the internal organs, then Leo's symbol could be the issue that the rest of the symbols resolve.  The metaphysical cause of internal bleeding is "that you suffer in silence and don't want anyone to know what you are going through.  You feel you have no one to confide in... no one to help you" (Bourbeau, 2007).  That others do see to know what you are going through (Scorpio) and that there is metaphysical and practical help for the problem (Aquarius) will eventually help you get to a clear state (Taurus) of natural flow through the body.

Bourbeau, L. (2007). Your Body's Telling You: Love Yourself: The Most Complete Book on the Metaphysical Causes of Illnesses and Disease. Wisconsin, United States: Lotus Press.


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