01-02 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: A Comedian Entertaining A Group.
  • Cancer: A Man Suspended Over A Vast Level Place.
  • Libra: The Light Of The Sixth Race Transmuted To The Seventh.

  • Capricorn: Three Stained-Glass Windows, One Damaged By


The theme is about evolution of mankind.  The comedian is us, mankind, amusing those on the other side - well, that is my relationship with my ancestors anyway: I feel them around me making me feel like a teenager, and they are very cheeky and think all the trivial crap (like what is my purpose, who is my best self etc) I think in my head is hilarious, and the smaller stuff is even more stupidly hilarious.   Sometimes I see them sitting with popcorn while I argue with in-laws because they are enjoying the energy of fireworks!

The man suspended over a vast level place (Cancer) has a view of the bigger picture, where all is equal and level, possibly even a view of the One-ness where all is as significant and insignificant as everything else.

The Libra light is how mankind is evolving - through taking the experiences of the previous generation (the light) and creatively changing the consciousness of the next generation.

When we evolve, there is always some sacrilege (Capricorn) (also a form of comedy) as some structures held dear will be destroyed, not needed, or exposed as false.  Some people who have had a Near Death Experience will return and find hypocrisy in the religious groups they were once part of, or can't listen to sermons anymore because it "is just plain wrong", and have to pursue another spiritual path.  This symbol connects back to Aries in that the Ridicule (a type of sacrilege) is a form of humor (Aries) which serves to level the strutures and egos of society.

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