01-02 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: Santa Clause Filling Stockings Furtively.
  • Virgo: A Large White Cross Upraised.
  • Sagittarius: The Ocean Covered With Whitecaps.

  • Pisces: A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters.

Most of the symbols in this cross are about things hidden: Gemini furtive action, Sagittarius covered, Pisces hiding from a threat.   (An interesting side note about the Sagittarius ocean is that it contrasts with the opposite sign Gemini's 00-01 A Glass Bottom Boat In Still Water.) 

The Virgo cross, however, is highly visible, being large, white and upraised.  Marc Edmund Jones, who first analysed the original Sabian Symbols, gave this symbol the keyword testimony.  Within the four-symbol cross, though, the question becomes What is the testimony about?  What does the Virgo cross stand for?  Is it the symbol of a church or is it a symbol of awareness of moral injustice?  The Virgo cross is confronting, however similar to the other symbols as there is some ambiguity, in this case the specific meaning of the large, white, upraised cross.

This adds a layer of meaning to the four-symbol cross that, despite the attempts at hiding in the other symbols, the truth or activity cannot be completely hidden.  Christmas Day will reveal that Santa has visited; there is no doubt that an ocean exists under the whitecaps (the white resonating with the Virgo cross on clear display); the hunters are using tracking skills (looking for droppings, tracks, scent etc) to find the animals they know are in the area.

So why hide?  Why cover up?  For protection - obvious with the Piscean squirrel for survival, but for Santa it is to do his work uninterrupted which includes maintaining our belief in magic.  For the Sagittarius ocean it is that we are not ready to see into the depths of the watery emotional body, the depths of ourselves, all at once (and we certainly don't have the safety of Gemini 00-01 boat).

The duality contained in the symbols of visibility and invisibility are an indication of gentleness.  The Virgo cross invites us to enquire for the meaning of this white cross on display, and in enquiry, we begin a connection - not an uncovering, but a connection.

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