01-02 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: Santa Clause Filling Stockings Furtively.
  • Virgo: A Large White Cross Upraised.
  • Sagittarius: The Ocean Covered With Whitecaps.

  • Pisces: A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters.

Most of the symbols ‘hide’: Gemini’s furtive action, Sagittarius’ covered ocean, Pisces’ hiding squirrel.


Virgo’s cross, however, is highly visible, being large, white and upraised.  Virgo’s cross is confronting. Marc Edmund Jones, who first analysed the original Sabian Symbols, gave this symbol the keyword testimony.  Within the four-symbol cross, though, the question becomes: What is the testimony about?  What does Virgo’s cross stand for?  Is it the symbol of a church or is it a symbol of awareness of moral injustice? Is it a larger structure that will shield us?


Virgo's cross tells of the other symbols that, despite the attempts at hiding, the truth or activity cannot be completely hidden.  Christmas Day will reveal that Santa has visited; there is no doubt that an ocean exists under the whitecaps (white similar to Virgo's cross); Pisces' hunters search for droppings, tracks and scent to find the animals they know are in the area.


So why hide?  For protection—Pisces’s squirrel hides to survive and Santa hides to protect his identity and normal life.  The furtiveness also allows Santa to do his work uninterrupted, which includes maintaining our belief in miracles.  Sagittarius’ ocean protects us because we are not ready to see into the depths of the watery emotional body, the depths of ourselves, all at once (and we certainly don't have the safety of Gemini 00-01’s boat).  With protection, we avoid exposure and ‘crucifixion’ (Virgo).


If we step around the symbols, starting at Gemini’s act of secret giving, Virgo’s cross provides a clear sign of charity and martyrdom however no more is willingly given after, as Sagittarius' ocean is covered and Pisces' squirrel hides its body and meat.  The lesson of the cross is to decide what you can and want to give, and you must not give what you don’t want to give. If you don’t make clear boundaries, then you need to hide what you have so it won’t get taken.

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