02-03 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: Steps Up To A Lawn Blooming With Clover.
  • Leo: A Woman Having Her Hair Bobbed.

  • Scorpio: A House-Raising.

  • Aquarius: A Deserter From The Navy.


The initial impression of this cross is best described by the Taurus symbol - to be rewarded with clover, one must climb the steps that lead there - so the cross describes what one must do to be rewarded.  The Leo woman updates her look for self-confidence, the Scorpio builds a house for shelter, the Aquarian leaves the navy to find freedom.  

For someone to desert the tribe (the navy being an institution that defends a territory by sea (metaphor for emotions)), the consequences must be worse to stay than to leave, and so in essence the deserter feels there is limited choice - stay and die (inside), or leave and find life on one's own terms.

The cross on closer inspection describes our needs: freedom (Aquarius), food (Taurus - the bull), self-esteem (Leo), and shelter (Scorpio).

In terms of a journey, deserting a tribe (Aquarius) is like cropping unwanted hair (Leo) (updating the self, getting out of a "hairy" situation/ getting people out of your "hair") to shelter yourself or loved ones (Scorpio) and thrive (Taurus).

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