03-04 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: Two Lovers Strolling Through A Secluded Walk.
  • Cancer: A Cat Arguing With A Mouse.
  • Libra: A Group Around A Campfire.

  • Capricorn: A Party Entering A Large Canoe.

The overall theme of this cross is equality.  The two lovers in their own world (Aries) experience no interference in their mutual regard, each thinking the other is truly wonderful and their perfect match.  The Cat (Cancer), which eats mice, is instead arguing with the Mouse as a fellow rational being that needs to be persuaded (into being eaten).   I was told once that the people who argue with you are not the problem, because at least they are listening to you.  The ones who don’t listen (e.g. laugh and walk away) are showing contempt for you, and they are more dangerous.  The Libran group sharing a campfire (which, like a hot drink, is a great conversation facilitator), and the Capricorn party in the same boat (sharing a common understanding), are more facets of the “I am equal to the other(s) here” theme. 

The cross' theme could also be about finding your tribe – first find one other person that adores you (Aries) or at least respects you (Cancer), or seek the right community for you (Libra) as a support to either make societal change or seek refuge in the boat of emotional resilience (Capricorn) no matter what is happening in society (back to Aries seclusion again).

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