03-04 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: Holly And Mistletoe.
  • Virgo: A Chocolate Child Playing With Whites.
  • Sagittarius: A Little Child Learning To Walk.

  • Pisces: Heavy Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus.

Looking at the symbols individually, we start at Sagittarius.  There is such a bittersweet joy when we witness someone's first steps toward independence. The beautiful vulnerability that goes with the "baby" part of themselves gets pushed into the subconscious, and the toddler begins to interact with the world more and more on their terms. We are literally watching someone develop in front of our eyes, which itself is rewarding to witness.
A little child may fall over, but the child will nonetheless learn to walk, and the stumbling doesn't hinder the child's progress.

The Pisces symbol I have imagined is what happens when a medium is in a crowded room and everyone's ancestors wants to talk through the medium! But what comes to my mind right now is a fragment of a documentary about the Industrial Revolution - apparently at this time, the population rose dramatically - not only due to better health care and decreased mortality, but also to increased fertility. At the time I saw this documentary, I wondered if a whole bunch of souls saw this new technological change as an exciting time to come through and experience the world (supposedly with better pay and conditions).

Gemini has a double meaning.  In one sense, decorations for celebration of Christmas (generosity, abundance, inclusiveness, family), and in another sense, two plants trying to survive in the world (parasitic or defensive). Mistletoe's parasitism is actually misunderstood, as it is considered a keystone species that has has a positive effect on biodiversity in the areas that it grows, supporting higher diversities of animals even as it draws its sustenance from its host tree.

Virgo, in the light of the last two symbols, to be about sharing and inclusiveness, with an awareness of differences. This is not about being "colour-blind", and therefore "race-washing" i.e. pretending race doesn't exist which is to ignore (and therefore unable to respect) the rich heritage of each race or difference.

So moving between the degrees, we have a small child evolving from crawling to walking (Sagittarius) with ensuing rapid growth (Pisces) as neurons and synapses develop, and the joy of growth (Gemini) with also the resulting psycho-social personalities to survive in the world (both interdependence and self-protection), recognising and including diversity (Virgo). As we include and play with diversity, and include new differences (internally or externally), we are like children learning to walk, learning to get along, learning to progress, together. When we are successful as a society doing this, then more people want to come in and join the fun (Pisces).

The shadow side of this cross is that the person who is different (Virgo) may be considered a parasite (Gemini) by the dominant group because there is not enough "space" or resources for "others" (Pisces) and and we will feel like a little child stumbling around in their "tolerant" company (Sagittarius) because we don't feel embraced.

In the other direction, we see a child learning to walk, to playing with others with clear differences (Virgo), reconciling personal boundaries with interdependence (Gemini), in order to embrace, embrace, embrace (Pisces), and continue our evolution and growth (Sagittarius).

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