04-05 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: A Triangle With Wings.
  • Cancer: An Automobile Wrecked By A Train.
  • Libra: A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge.

  • Capricorn: Indians Rowing A Canoe And Dancing A War Dance.

Aries’ ‘triangle with wings’ might be a hang-glider, who experiences a wonderful feeling of freedom, flying and solitude high above the Earth (resonant with the theme of transcendence in 01-02 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn).  Hang-gliding is a happy experience.  Triangles also represent "aspirations, potential and truth. It represents your spirituality: the body, mind, and spirit" (dreammoods.com), further emphasised by the wings.


Cancer’s automobile is a metaphor for our direction in life (dreammoods.com), and the train is a metaphor for ‘training’ and learning something new.  Cancer's symbol describes how our original direction in life altered significantly by new learning.


Capricorn’s Indians are on the move, above the water of emotion but using oars to churn the water which propels them, dancing a war dance.  The intent of the Indians is clear and represents how we stir our emotions up to move us toward a goal.


The cross has pairs—Cancer’s wreck and Capricorn’s war dance as destructive energy on one side, and Aries’ wings and Libra’s inner knowledge as transcendence on the other.


What are the blessings in the Cancer-Capricorn pair?  To evolve as a soul, we must learn new things (Cancer), even if it means ‘ruining’ the trajectory we thought we should be on.  To go after goals requires aggression (Capricorn).  This pair can be likened to the experience of grief creating a cause—for example, we learn that deaths by car accidents are reduced with seat belts, so we lobby (Capricorn) for their compulsory use.  We might experience lack then vow to never be hungry again, so determined we strive against poverty.  We experience illness (Cancer) that changes our life and ourselves so much (Cancer, Libra) that we fundraise for research (Capricorn) or go after our dreams (Capricorn, Aries).


The Aries-Libra pair bring hope to the cross, while the Cancer-Capricorn pair bring strength due to experience.  When faced with a radical or difficult change (Cancer), lean into the other symbols: fight for something (Capricorn), understand what the struggle teaches you about yourself (Libra) and integrate your experiences into a higher perspective (Aries) because afterwards, nothing in life will ever seem as hard.


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