04-05 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Widow At An Open Grave.
  • Leo: Rock Formations At The Edge Of A Precipice.

  • Scorpio: A Massive, Rocky Shore.

  • Aquarius: A Council Of Ancestors.


Two of the symbols in the cross are geological.

Leo’s precipice is the edge of a cliff structure. Cliffs are rock boundaries that are eroded by sea wind and waves. Rock formations that result are usually columns, bridges and pillars at this land-sea boundary, holding onto some kind of structure before the inevitable fall. Often the wave-erosion undercuts the cliff, initially forming a tunnel before the overhanging, upper part of the cliff collapses, due to gravity, into the water below.

Scorpio’s massive, rocky shore describes this land-sea boundary when it is post-collapse, a rocky mass emplaced at close to current sea-level that seems hard to erode. Nonetheless, for both symbols, the sea still has time enough to wear down the rocks! In dream theory, water represents emotions.

The theme of this cross is contained in Taurus’ symbol of grief: the loss is still fresh for the widow as the grave is still open. Leo stands at the edge of themselves (and in some cultures at the edge of society due to the loss), feeling like they want to drop off the cliff as structures erode, before collapse from grief.  Scorpio’s shore transmutes Leo’s collapse into strength. For Scorpio, what can now hurt more than that which has already been survived? Nothing. The emotions (water) still exist but are managed with a sense of grounding (rocks). Aquarius’ council of ancestors tells us we are never alone, that the physical loss is not total loss, as our ancestors and loved ones are always with us and walking with us in spirit. Our loved ones join the council of ancestors, who in spirit now can do more for our journey than alive.

In my personal experience of this cross, I had never properly grieved the loss of my father. I learned recently that he had never left (Aquarius), and in fact had been earthbound out of attachment to his family (whether from guilt for our sadness, his own lifetime habit of absorbing others' negativity, or simple over-attachment to loved ones)—a sense of Leo’s rock formations holding. When I asked that he go to the light and be free, that release felt like fresh grief (Taurus again) but is in fact the depth of my love and realisation of how big my heart is.

Sometimes love is so big that we feel our bodies can't hold it, but we manage (Scorpio).  We can then share the wisdom of our emotional journey with others (Aquarius).

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