05-06 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Bridge Being Built Across A Gorge.
  • Leo: An Old Fashioned Woman And A Flapper.

  • Scorpio: A Gold Rush.

  • Aquarius: A Performer Of A Mystery Play.

This cross has pairs:

  • Leo's old-fashioned woman and the flapper explain their dynamic in Aquarius' mystery: "This person is completely strange!"  Or, "Why is this weird person in my life?!  I don't understand!" 
  • Taurus' bridge connects each side of the gorge (a large space with cliff like edges), allowing access—or escape for something better (Scorpio).  This half has structure (Taurus) and movement (Scorpio), literally meaning ‘If you build it, they will come’.

Taurus' and Scorpio's symbols together ‘allow flow’ while Leo's and Aquarius' symbols connect in difference and mystery.  Putting these symbols together, the story is that a new structure (Taurus) or different person (Leo) provides richer experiences (Scorpio) that we couldn't have predicted or even understand why it is so (Aquarius).  This brings to mind the theory that we can have our desires but need to let go of ‘how’ things will happen to get us what we want.

My own experience of this cross was as follows: I booked and stayed at an accommodation, however had to leave due to family circumstances.  I read the booking rules and the accommodation website calculated the refund I was due.  I completed the appropriate form however the owner of the accommodation was unwilling to process it.  We both thought we had the correct interpretation of the rules and both of us were very firm about our positions, thinking the other person was wrong, dishonest or crazy (Leo).  I knew I allowed myself to get triggered ("Why can't I shake this off?  I have other options, why am I so insistent?!  Why can't I let this go?") and both of us became verbally assertive though maintaining a thin veneer of civility.  The booking website was the intermediary and decided to intervene (Taurus), refund out of their pocket the rest of my money when I left early, and allow the owner to keep the entire booked amount (and I think the owner needed the money too), so the outcome was a win-win (Scorpio) between the two strangers (Leo, Aquarius). 

A friend of mine read the entire emailed conversation and acknowledged that we attacked each other, and I agreed that despite myself I had become so (Aquarius), even though I knew better about myself and triggers and had tools to overcome them.  The best I was able to manage in the situation, though, was that I was very self-aware of the emotions and reactions I struggled to control.  I have no doubt the owner felt the same way!

In the end, I was able to leave with the refund I wanted.  Had I been more obliging, I would have agreed to the half-refund the owner offered!  I could not berate myself for my behavior because as weird as it was (Aquarius) it resulted in a full win-win for both of us (a half-win/half-win is not bad in hindsight but was Not Good Enough at the time)!  The feeling of joy (Scorpio) when I was ‘freed’ by the news of the refund is beyond this page.

As I am someone who likes to know the Why of things, the lesson of the cross was that for a time I could not understand why this owner and I had crossed paths, and I realize there is just No Reason (Aquarius).  There ‘Just Is’.  And no judging anyone in the situation—had either of us acted differently, maybe we would not have ‘won’ so much.  All I have to explain the situation is this cross!


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