06-07 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Woman Of Samaria.
  • Leo: The Constellations In The Sky.

  • Scorpio: Deep-Sea Divers.

  • Aquarius: A Child Born Of An Eggshell.

Did you know that there were many peoples that looked at the stars and created different pictures for the same set of stars? Check out Orion's Belt, the Saucepan, Djulpan (3 men in a canoe) and Shen Xiu (white tiger)—all using the same set of stars. People looked at stars for navigation, to remember or record big events and stories, and for comfort or wonder.

Relative to the cross, Leo’s symbol is about creating our own meaning onto that large night canvas, while Scorpio’s divers take meaning into self-exploration, plunging into our emotional (suggested by water in dream theory) histories to discover our depths. It would take a strong, brave and diving-trained partner to go with you, necessary for safety!

Aquarius’ child suggests that after the process of seeking meaning and self-discovery in the last two symbols we are ‘born again’. It is not the live-birth our mothers gave us, but the rebirth of breakthrough (shell).

The story of the woman of Samaria (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samaria) originates from the bible:  Jesus walked to Samaria, taking an inexplicably long route rather than the usual shorter route. He met her at a public water well at a time unpopular for drawing water, being in the high heat of the day. The woman of Samaria chose that specific time to avoid others in her village. She was an outcast even among her own Samaritans, who as a race were mutually hostile to the Jews at that time. Jesus demanded she give him water and she reminded him that he was a Jew and she a Samarian, and that he had some nerve to ask her anything. She didn’t know who he was but when he revealed himself to be a prophet—and he famous and she infamous, both avoiding society at the time—and that he saw her without judgement, she found her inner light and converted to his faith. She ascended above her social position and became more than she thought she could be, in life, converting so many people like a disciple that she eventually became sainted.

Taurus’ Samarian woman is the key to cross, for she had a rebirth (Aquarius) after a fateful meeting (star-crossed? Leo?) that empowered her to draw meaning (Leo) from, and transmute, her experiences into emotional healing for others, like Scorpio's diving partner for those who want to find their ‘kingdom within’, their inner light.

Another way to view the symbols is to note the pairs: Leo’s stars above and Scorpio’s watery depths; a woman in the community and a child birthing itself.  The Leo-Scorpio pair could mean As Above, So Below but I think the wonder and exploration in both symbols, though in different directions, are more relevant to the cross.  The Taurus-Aquarius pair describe Emergence from physical or social restrictions.

Putting the pairs together suggests simply that we all have our place (Taurus) in the constellation of people around us, and at any stage we can discover more (Scorpio) and redefine ourselves (Aquarius).

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