06-07 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Woman Of Samaria.
  • Leo: The Constellations In The Sky.

  • Scorpio: Deep-Sea Divers.

  • Aquarius: A Child Born Of An Eggshell.

Did you know that there were many peoples that looked at the stars and created different pictures for the same set of stars? Check out Orion's Belt, the Saucepan, Djulpan (3 men in a canoe) and ShenXiu (white tiger) - all using the same set of stars. And if you are reading this, clearly you are looking at stars to find meaning into something. Other people looked at stars for navigation, to remember or record big events and stories, and for comfort or wonder, drawing pictures in the sky.

Relative to the cross, this symbol is about creating our own meaning onto that large night canvas, while the Scorpio Divers take the idea of meaning into self-exploration, plunging into our emotional (suggested by water) histories to discover what is at our depths. It would take a strong, brave and diving-trained partner to go with you, and necessary for safety!

The Aquarius Child Born Of An Eggshell suggests after the last two symbols an element of being "born again" after the process of seeking meaning and self-discovery.  It is not the live-birth our mothers gave us, but the rebirth of breakthrough (shell).

The Taurus Woman Of Samaria is an independent woman on the fringe of her community, who finds a kindred spirit in Jesus (and he, likewise) and, after meeting with him, has a spiritual rebirth like a Born-Again Christian and converts many people to Christianity, eventually becoming a saint.

Moving between symbols, the Woman of Samaria can continue to find and create meaning in her life (Scorpio and Leo), transmuting her past and present experiences to help others find meaning (and by the way, have you heard that Jesus is considered to be an astrological story? Google, you must... and in this case, the Samarian meeting Jesus would literally be the Samarian finding her meaning in the stars - Taurus to Leo), or, experiencing herself anew as her own unique person (Aquarius) within her community, her uniqueness (which had previously was part of her notoriety) now the gift to the many she converts. She has her place in the constellation of people around her, and she takes that "niche" of whatever difference that she brings to the community.

I believe the story of the whole cross is encapsulated nicely in the story of the Woman of Samaria, and the process of self-validation and self-love.

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