07-08 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries:A Large Hat With Streamers Flying, Facing East.
  • Cancer: Rabbits Dressed In Clothes And On Parade.
  • Libra: A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home.
  • Capricorn: Birds In The House Singing Happily.

The cross is begins with the question "where do I belong?"

Looking at the Aries symbol, the hat is facing east and the east wind is blowing from the direction of sunrises where the new days starts.  The hat represents a role we play in life according to dreammoods.com, and the wind brings new breath or ideas to the hat effecting the hat's streamers lifting and flying. 

Assuming that the cross is like a journey, the Cancerian rabbits indicate fertility and fear, and so when dressed in clothes (like playing a character which resonates with the Arian hat's roles) and on display in the parade, the rabbits represent our initial discomfort and vulnerability if we go where the Arian wind takes us.  But life is a passing parade, nothing ever stays in the one place.  And so the next symbol is quite logical: the Libran deserted home.  The blazing fireplace indicates coziness and welcome for the returning owner.  The fire also represents passion that awaits, which resonates with the fertility of rabbits (this doesn't have to be sexual, but can mean ideas or creativity).

Further note on the rabbit symbol - this brought to my mind the idea of dressing the rabbits up to parade for adoption.   One of the rabbits (representing a role, a character, or idea) could be chosen and brought to the Libran home.

Both the Libra and Capricorn symbols involve houses which in dreammoods.com represent the self and the soul. 

The Capricorn birds represent spirit, and so the final symbol represents the spirit being happy at home in the self, and is the answer to the question posed at the start of this analysis.

If the cross is a circle, we find ourselves wanting to try new things (Aries) and in so doing (Cancer) find ourselves more comfortable in our own skin when we find our passion within and return to ourselves (Libra to Capricorn).

The cross is an analogy for how we can wander (not necessarily feeling lost though this can be the case) until we find the thing that is our passion, and there we find home.


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