07-08 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: An Industrial Strike.
  • Virgo: First Dancing Instruction.
  • Sagittarius: Rocks And Things Forming Therein.

  • Pisces: A Girl Blowing A Bugle.

The two more ambiguous symbols help provide a key to the cross: Sagittarius’ Rocks And Things Forming Therein and Pisces’ Girl Blowing A Bugle. 

The former describes solid, hard objects of earth, that yet have alchemical processes forming ‘things’ inside.  Bugles in Western popular culture are used for sounding loud signals for military events.  That a girl is blowing a bugle softens (because of the combination of youth and gender) the military interpretation of this symbol. The militaristic signal serves as the call to revolt against industry; the uniting signal rousing workers to strike or unionise (Gemini). Gemini’s strike connects with Sagittarius’ rocks when change begins from within the organisation. 

The cross describes something hard on the outside with an awakening on the inside (Sagittarius) that signals (Pisces) the revolt for change (Gemini)—requiring learning a new system to adjust to the change; learning a new way of ‘dancing’ with others (Virgo) and harmonise the dynamic between people. Virgo’s first dance lesson corrects otherwise awkward steps and body positions, training to make the dance flow yet precise and timed like a military bugle call.

The loop is closed (Virgo to Sagittarius) when the dance (or dynamic between people) is practiced enough to become habit, hardened, and requires cracking by new desires or ‘things’ inside.

Another interpretation begins at Gemini's strike, symbolizing the refusal to obey an external authority that provides the counterpart of the transaction (money for your labour).  If we imagine the strikers as teenagers, and the authority as parents, then the rest of the cross creates a new picture.  Virgo's first dancing instruction represents the new dynamic between the rebelling teen and the parents who must learn to let go of their child by degrees while maintaining the necessary structure for everyone to coexist, learn and grow.  Learning to ‘dance’ develops understanding and inner authority in the hard-headed teen or understanding and respect for choice in rigid parents (Sagittarius).  When the teen's inner authority is developed, or the parents show respect for the teen's choices (which contributes to the former anyway), Pisces' girl announces the shift with her authoritative bugle call—so what developed internally is now expressed externally.

If you don't have teenagers, this symbol can still apply in terms of your inner selves.  Does a rebellious teen come out of you when you feel threatened?

 I know a 26-year-old woman who hates hospitals (Sagittarius) though she knows they are necessary for her to survive.  She had an appointment at a hospital for an ongoing condition and guess who acted the rebellious teen (Gemini) toward her helpful mother about going?  She tried to call the hospital and get out of it (Pisces) but they were lovely to her and encouraged her to come in, so she had to just get on with it (Virgo) and try to be positive about it (Sagittarius' things forming). When she got there, she saw a 10-year-old girl jumping happily out of the MRI machine, showing her how to be positive (Virgo). The MRI results were good and she was proud to share that (Pisces). Reflection on the entire experience helps her to change her expectations somewhat towards hospitals (Sagittarius), which will be an ongoing process (Virgo)!

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