08-09 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: A Quiver Filled With Arrows.
  • Virgo: A Man Making Futurist Drawings.
  • Sagittarius: A Mother With Her Children On Stairs.

  • Pisces: A Jockey.

The theme of this cross is our goals and the actions that they demand. 

Gemini’s arrows are the key to the cross.  The arrows represent ready ideas, or directions to pursue, for firing off hoping one lands on something useful. When your intention is a specific target, there is more chance of the arrow landing successfully due to focus. 

Virgo’s futurist drawings are plans or vision boards manifesting on paper. Sagittarius’ mother guides herself and her children to ascend; her goal being her children do better than the generation before. Pisces’ jockey trains with the horse then rides, directs and motivates the horse during the race.  Jockeys are light and try not to weigh down the horse so that the horse can do its part as unimpeded as possible.

Pisces’s horse may not win, but completing the course is highly likely.  The arrow may not hit the target, but there are more arrows in the quiver to keep firing. The cross makes no promises about results but describes the relationship between desire and action. 

Often desire creates its own momentum to achieve—for example, hunger creates the desire and motivation to go out and hunt.  Other times we need external motivation such as Sagittarius’ mother pushing for better for her family or Pisces' jockey who works as a team with the horse.  We can come up with the desire and take steps ourselves toward something (Gemini, Virgo) but there are times when we need others to support and drive us (Sagittarius, Pisces).

Is there something you want?  Make it happen!

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