08-09 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Christmas Tree Decorated.
  • Leo: Glass Blowers.

  • Scorpio: Dental Work.

  • Aquarius: A Flag Turned Into An Eagle.

The theme of the cross is positive change with a sense of destiny. For example: Taurus’ Christmas tree, after selection then set-up at home, is eventually decorated. 

Scorpio’s dental work is about fixing the smile and correcting the teeth for cosmetic or functional reasons.  The teeth may symbolize wisdom or communication (dreammoods.com).  Therefore, the dental work may symbolize:

·       improving self-talk or outward expression

·       straightening up the impression we make

·       scrubbing, polishing, fixing, cleaning up our perceptions or thoughts.


Leo’s glass blowers take glass, fire and air to create wonderful shapes and colors and manifest a new delicate object from those raw ingredients! The blowers breathe air, like the goddess Psyche, into the material to give it a shape, identity and purpose such as a vase, Christmas bauble or bead.

Aquarius’ eagle represents spirit (King, 2016) so we can interpret the flag as the spirit of the people, a physical symbol carrying the cultural spirit and values of those who unite under it.  This exalts the piece of cloth that is otherwise shorthand for the identifying a country.

Destiny implies an understanding of the essential self and literally working with that, through efforts of developing ourselves in life.  Taurus' Christmas tree cannot be so without growing from a sapling and finding ornaments, nor can Leo's glass blower define themselves so without practice on the raw materials, and wisdom is not achieved without chewing over (Scorpio) and reflecting on our experiences.  We are more than just a member of a group because we are the values of the group come alive in our interactions (Sagittarius).

The cross also asks: how do you define your essential self?  By your role (Taurus), what you create (Leo), self-development (Scorpio) or who/what you align with (Aquarius)?

King, S. A. (2016). World Animal Dreaming. United Kingdom: Animal Dreaming Publishing.

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