09-10 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: A Man Teaching New Forms For Old Symbols.
  • Cancer: A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut.
  • Libra: A Canoe Approaching Safety Through Dangerous Waters.

  • Capricorn: An Albatross Feeding From The Hand.

The cross has resonant halves - the Arian new forms continue the study of the old symbols into the present day, revealing unexplored facets like the unfinished Cancerian diamond; the Capricorn albatross, if you think of Coleridge's Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, resonates with the Libran canoe approaching safety in that the "cursed" albatross is now managed (from Latin manus meaning hand). 

Sometimes a new interpretation (Aries) can be contraversial (Libran dangerous waters), but if the interpreter (Aries) knows more than "enough to be dangerous" (Libran canoe), the albatross audience or symbols - whichever is the bane of the teacher - will consume the interpretation (Capricorn) docilely (audience) or be understood if fed (meditating on symbols), because a truth/talent/gem is developing (Cancer). 

The Libran symbol adds a layer that with risk comes more experience in canoeing, so the water is more familiar though respected, maybe even tamed like the giant Capricorn curse-bird "eating out of the hand", and definitely understood like an expert (Aries), who knows there is always more to learn (Cancer).

The theme of this cross is an encouragement to continue developing yourself through a project.

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