09-10 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: A Man Teaching New Forms For Old Symbols.
  • Cancer: A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut.
  • Libra: A Canoe Approaching Safety Through Dangerous Waters.

  • Capricorn: An Albatross Feeding From The Hand.

The cross has connected pairs: Aries’ forms continue the study of the old symbols into the present day, revealing unexplored facets like Cancer’s unfinished diamond.

Capricorn’s albatross, per Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner, is a curse now tamed (feeding from the hand) and managed (from Latin manus meaning hand).  Management of the curse connects with Libra’s canoe approaching safety through the danger.  The canoe is a small boat where the paddler uses all their skill to balance and navigate the white water (representing emotions (dreammoods.com)) that churns, threatening to capsize.

 Sometimes a new way of doing something (Aries) can be controversial (Libra’s dangerous waters).  If the person (Aries) knows more than ‘enough to be dangerous’ (Libra’s safety), the albatross of subject or skill becalms (Capricorn's feeding) because the gem (Cancer) of truth (Aries) or skill (Libra) is evident.

 Libra’s symbol adds a layer of risk that creates more experience and skill in canoeing, managing the water like Capricorn's albatross, understood by an expert (Aries), who knows there is always more to chip away and hone (Cancer).

 This cross encourages us to take risks to increase our expertise.

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