10-11 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: The President Of The Country.
  • Cancer: A Clown Making Grimaces.
  • Libra: A Professor Peering Over His Glasses.

  • Capricorn: A Large Group Of Pheasants.

A more detailed description of this cross is here.

The cross has halves that oppose - the president (Aries) and the collective (Capricorn); the performing clown and the observant professor. 

Let's start with the pheasant: a social bird that flies short distances and roams large open spaces on the ground, flamboyant yet smart enough to know when to scatter and lay low. 

The best analogy I can make for the cross is that of teenage students (as the Capricorn pheasants), vying to be popular (Aries).  The Libran professor, as any teacher knows, is always trying to to motivate students to learn (or perform a particular way), and some tricks include performing (Cancer) - the teacher can pretend to be angry about lost homework but really it is just for show to ensure the student places more priority on the homework next time.  The professor does take the time to watch the student and observe their reactions i.e. the professor is also learning what works and what doesn't, feeding the performance (Cancer) in front of the students (Capricorn). 

If the professor is successful, then he has control of a class of motivated students (Aries).  That is, a little study (Libra) to learn how to manipulate (Cancer) the masses (Capricorn) to become the leader (Aries).

If not successful, one loud student buoyed by popularity (Aries) out of the student body (Capricorn) lampoons (Cancer) the professor (Libra).

To all teachers with any of these degrees, good luck!

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