10-11 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Woman Sprinkling Flowers.
  • Leo: Children On A Swing In A Huge Oak Tree.

  • Scorpio: A Drowning Man Rescued.

  • Aquarius: Man Tete-A-Tete With His Inspiration.

When first looking at the cross, the main pattern that stands out is the Taurus-Scorpio and Leo-Aquarius pairs.  One part of the pair is an extreme version of the other part: the Taurean sprinkling flowers versus the Scorpio drowning man (over-watered!), although in both symbols the flowers and the man live.  The Leo children play while the Aquarian man is inspired

I initially thought the cross was about what we enjoy - the Taurean nurtures the blossoms around her (little luxuries or the pleasure of growing something), the Leo children playing, the Scorpio deeply immersed and overwhelmed in the emotional world and miraculously escaping, the Aquarian in communion with his muse.

But I have decided that the cross reminds us how appreciatively dependent we are on others.  The Taurean flowers receive water from a woman, who in turn appreciates their beauty.  The Leo children play while supported by the oak tree, the Scorpio man is rescued by someone or something, and the Aquarian man has a close relationship  (tete-a-tete literally meaning heads together) with an entity called Inspiration.  Think about who has nurtured or supported you, no matter how small the act seems (watering, holding a swing) that might later have made an impact in your life (rescue, inspiration).

The cross loops from Aquarius to Taurus as both symbols resonate with mutual appreciation.  While the Aquarian symbol describes an In-Spirit relationship, the Taurean one is earthy and physical, however the two symbols relate because we can be inspired (Aquarius) to act (Taurus), and even if the act is seemingly small, even just a smile and eye contact in the morning between strangers, the effect is nonetheless life-giving.  Have you ever sat next to someone who just made you feel so calm and grounded?  Just the mere presence of the right person can help you keep going - and what does that person say? "I didn't do anything!" but of course, they did help you but won't know how much it meant.

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