11-12 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: Window-Shoppers.
  • Leo: An Evening Lawn Party.

  • Scorpio: An Embassy Ball.

  • Aquarius: People On Stairs Graduated Upwards.

The theme of the cross is encapsulated by the Aquarian symbol - that of ascending socially, from Taurus to Leo to Scorpio.

Taurean window-shoppers are on the outside looking in, perhaps with envy, perhaps safely choosing what they like – imagining themselves with an object and how that object would fit into their life or vice versa.  The Leo party is a more inclusive gathering for the purpose of merriment - did you get invited?  Are you "in"?  The Scorpio ball invites representatives of different countries to politick and socialise in a grander and more elevated setting. 

As the wheel can turn from Aquarius back to Taurus, I wonder if in ever more elite circles there are those who feel "left out" of decision-making and are determined to become even more powerful players?  Or the fact that the "higher up" one climbs in society, the smaller the social group, so that in fact the elite are the window-shoppers observing the rest of society, and have the means to decide what next in life to choose for themselves.

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