11-12 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: Window-Shoppers.
  • Leo: An Evening Lawn Party.

  • Scorpio: An Embassy Ball.

  • Aquarius: People On Stairs Graduated Upwards.

Aquarius' symbol is the key to the cross—that of ascending socially from Taurus’ outsiders to Leo’s party to Scorpio’s elite ball.

Taurus’ window-shoppers look in from the outside, perhaps with desire or envy (shadow side), or merely choosing what they like—imagining themselves with an object before possible purchase. 

Leo's party is inclusive, a gathering for merriment.  Did you get invited?  Are you ‘in’? 

Scorpio's ball invites representatives of different countries to politick and socialise in a grander and more socially sophisticated setting, ultimately with the aim of furthering the interests of their own country (Aquarius).

As the wheel turns from Aquarius back to Taurus, the transition means that the ‘higher up’ one climbs in society, the smaller the social group, so that in fact the elite are the window-shoppers observing the rest of society, with the means to decide what next in life to choose for themselves (Taurus), then seek to belong with others of the same interests (Leo) perhaps fundraising for a cause (Leo, Scorpio) that helps elevate others (Aquarius). 

The shadow side of the transition from Aquarius to Taurus is the desire to be ever more at the centre of decision-making and power.  Within elite circles (Scorpio) there are those who jostle for the supreme title (Aquarius). Even at the top there are those who find themselves out of the loop of decision-making (Taurus) so strive further to bring themselves toward the centre of power by mixing with the right people and playing social politics (Leo and Scorpio).

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