12-13 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion.
  • Cancer: One Hand Slightly Flexed With A Very Prominent Thumb.
  • Libra: Children Blowing Soap Bubbles.

  • Capricorn: A Fire Worshipper.

The cross has halves - the unsuccessful Aries explosion indicating that the fallout was not as expected, and the Libra soap bubbles are a delight before they pop.   The flexed hand (as if to receive) has a prominent thumb indicating dominance (i.e. receiving on one's own terms, or a power dynamic where a giver must be submissive to the receiver), and the fire worshipper submits themselves to the fire deity.

In my experience of the cross, the Aries explosion triggers the other symbols.  I had told my mother-in-law not to visit in the mornings after her night-shift as dealing with her negativity first thing in my morning was no longer sustainable.  Her continuing to drop in was the Unsuccessful part of the my Aries bomb dropped on her. My rage at the percieved disrespect burnt the bridges beween us (Capricorn) and I learned to respect my own feelings and boundaries thereafter (respecting the fires of emotion (still Capricorn) I wrongfully repressed to tolerate many boundary infringements previously) and I assume the in-laws learned to respect my boundaries more as they have not bothered me or trespassed my boundaries since.  As part of burning bridges, I was determined that my immediate family have fun (Libra) away from that part of the family tree, organising more travel and experiences because the best revenge is a life lived well.

I have recently asked for a favor from my father-in-law, stressing to him that he is not obligated to help me, and that he helps me only if he wants to. I am ensuring that this help has no "strings attached", and I also intend not to feel obligated to him if I receive his help (Cancer).  I also have other options if he doesn't help me. The Cancer symbol is proof of my self-respect, and that I receive cautiously rather than over-gratefully.

Now, knowing that there is a bomb inside me (Aries), I am careful to respect and listen to the inner emotions (Capricorn) and my own boundaries and am clear to others about those boundaries - that way I am not letting others trespass them (Cancer) so we can live harmoniously together (Libra).  

In general, the theme of the cross is the different ways of managing our psychological triggers.

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