12-13 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Man Handling Baggage.
  • Leo: An Old Sea Captain Rocking.

  • Scorpio: An Inventor Experimenting.

  • Aquarius: A Barometer.


This cross is about how we deal with pressure.

A barometer (Aquarius) is a tool that measures atmospheric pressure—could this symbol represent feeling the vibe in a room? The barometer is used at sea (resonant with Leo) to help forecast changes in the weather and is a scientific tool resonant with Scorpio’s inventor.  Note that altimeters measure atmospheric pressure corresponding to a specific altitude—however at sea only barometers are required because there is only one altitude: sea level.

Leo’s sea captain rocking suggests self-soothing—the captain must feel ‘at home’, that is, at sea.

Similar to the 28-29 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross where information creates an impulse, here the barometer’s (Aquarius) ‘reading’ of atmospheric pressure triggers:

  • Taurus' impulse to ‘handle baggage’ by learning personal development or literally moving stuff to a different location
  • Leo's impulse to self-soothe and recreate the feeling within the body of a past career
  • Scorpio's impulse to create or do something different to get a different result (or reading—Aquarius).

The purpose of each sign’s particular response (handling, rocking, experimenting) is to balance the pressure we feel.

My experience of the cross is as follows: my mother has delayed building her house for many years.  Complicating the issue is the fact that she is a hoarder.  Her children live interstate, away from her issues.  The main criticism I have of her is that she is unwilling to move forward, preferring to stagnate and recall past events (Leo—coincidentally, my mother used to work on P&O ships as a nanny) that remind her of her victimhood.  She has six months to honour the contract with the builder, and then permits expire and she will not be able to build.  I have done a lot of personal development work (Taurus) so that I don't get sucked into her despair, trying to stay balanced and detached and allow her free will.  Now, however, six months before the deadline, I have let her know that I have no intention of having my children inherit the burdens of her issues and their consequences.  If she builds or not, she will have to carry the consequences of her choice.  In meditation, I was shown an image of her urinating in my pool while I was swimming in it, then she immediately got out to find another clean pool to swim and urinate in.  After 35 years, I realise I can't change my mother despite many attempts to motivate, help, cajole and threaten (Scorpio).  I choose to forgive her and walk away from the situation (and this cross), because the situation stresses me out (Aquarius) and I want to seek peace rather than taking on the stress and poisoning the atmosphere of my own family home (Taurus).

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