13-14 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: Shellfish Groping And Children Playing.
  • Leo: The Human Soul Awaiting Opportunity For Expression.

  • Scorpio: Telephone Linemen At Work.

  • Aquarius: A Train Entering A Tunnel.


The theme of the cross is the evolution from play to purpose. 

Tauris’ children play while groping shellfish symbolise feeling around for something to grasp.  Aquarius’ train means ‘training’, learning something new or practicing a skill (dreammoods.com). Leo’s soul, after Taurus’ process of creative play, may eventually find the mode of creative expression that works best for it. In the meantime, it continues to develop lines of expression (Scorpio) or open channels of communication or continue practising craft (Aquarius’ ‘training’) ready to focus (Aquarius’ tunnel) energy and skill into the chosen activity.

My daughter has her Sun on Taurus 13-14 and her Earth on Scorpio 13-14.  Recently this cross manifested at her performing arts class, which she attends to prepare her for auditioning into a performing arts school.  At the end of class, the teacher told me that all the students were distracted (Taurus) and unable to take instruction, behaving silly and playing games with each other.  He made a point of it with me as he knows my ambitions for my daughter.  I later explained (Scorpio) to her that if she didn't take every opportunity to learn her craft (Leo), she could spend all 6 years of high school at the less-than-desirable school I work at rather than the desirable performing arts school (Leo).  She has thought it over and understands that she can't let silly distractions (Taurus) get in the way of her focus (Aquarius).

My personal journey of this cross has come from writing as a hobby (Taurus) for this website.  It started out as an interest and inquiry (Taurus) then a way of setting down my thoughts and to reach others (Leo).  At times I worried about losing the connection to this topic (Scorpio) due to life's distractions, but everything helped with understanding humanness. My new experiences (Taurus) have helped and informed my writing for the better (Scorpio).  I focussed on completing this book you are reading now, continuing my study of the Sabian Symbols (Aquarius).

Good luck on your project, and take heart, it will all come together at the right time!

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