14-15 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: An Indian Weaving A Blanket.
  • Cancer: A Group Of People Who Have Overeaten And

                    Enjoyed It.

  • Libra: Circular Paths.

  • Capricorn: Many Toys In The Children's Ward Of A Hospital.

The theme of this cross is comfort, from the blanket (Aries), to full bellies in good company (Cancer), to repeating familiar patterns (Libra) and finally toys alleviating or distracting from pain in hospital (Capricorn).

The Cancer and Capricorn symbols carry within them a warning (overeating could make you ill, uncomfortable) although even in discomfort there is some soothing element available.

The Aries symbol may carry the antidote to the Libra circular paths - that we can create our own fates, weave our own lives, be the source of our own comfort.  On the other hand, we subconsciously repeat what we know and the Indian may be doing the same self-soothing as a circular path.  I prefer to think that that hospital stay (Capricorn) is illness-as-teacher, telling us to change a pattern before it is too late, and weave something new into our blankets (Aries), that we can share with others (maybe too much - all good!)(Cancer) as a process of continuous refinement (Libra spiralling upwards).

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