14-15 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: Two Dutch Children Talking.
  • Virgo: An Ornamental Handkerchief.
  • Sagittarius: The Ground Hog Looking For Its Shadow.

  • Pisces: An Officer Preparing To Drill His Men.

The general theme of this cross is personal improvement, but first let us look at the symbols individually.

The two Dutch children share a common language and culture, and so are able to understand each other on at least two levels.  In Elsie Wheeler's time, Dutch immigration to the USA followed European immigration patterns according to economic prospects.  One of the stereotypes of the Dutch at the time was that they were exceptionally clannish (according to everyculture.com), valuing property, small business and conservative values (noting that the stereotypes were generally favorable).  In talking, the Dutch children affirm each other as similar to the self.

The Virgoan ornamental handkerchief describes an item of clothing that is originally for wiping or mopping mucous from noses or sweat or tears, but has been elevated to a decorative item. 

The groundhog is looking for its shadow, presumably not finding it, possibly unable to perceive it due to being so close to the ground and unable to see under itself, or that the sun is overhead and casts a small shadow. This Sagittarian symbol is in a sense opposite to the Virgo symbol of elevating status, because the groundhog is actively looking for shadows, the metaphor for the dark side and perceived flaws, just unable to see them.  The symbols are similar in that there is nothing unattractive or metaphorically dark found in either symbol.  Perhaps, however, the groundhog does eventually find the shadow, but the symbol is only describing the search.

The Piscean symbol is a culmination of effort to appear as correct as possible.  The officer, after training and discipline, is now in charge of drilling men.  Their performance is a reflection on the officer, and so as they represent the officer, the officer is motivated to drill them into a perfect performance.

Putting the symbols together, the Dutch children represent acceptance of the self needed for self-worth (Virgo) and in that safe enough space attempt personal improvement by looking for any shadows of the psyche (Sagittarius) and conduct the work needed to effect that improvement (Pisces).

In terms of immigration the cross could represent a migrated community that keeps close (Gemini) and works together to be a visible, proud (and still practical nonetheless as Virgo hankies are) community in society, and maintains this by keeping watch over each other for any issues (Sagittarius) and maintaining disciplined conformity (Pisces). 

IF the Sagittarian ground-hog is unable to see its shadow, the cross leads us to a darker interpretation of this cross and presumeably close-knit communities or families:

The 'shadow' side of the cross is that the Dutch children could represent a type of echo-chamber, providing a self-referential validation in an insular communication space, allowing a type of pride (Virgo's no-longer-humble handkerchief) that is watchful of any shadows (Sagittarius) that might threaten (Pisces military) the image (Virgo) of the family/community.  Unfortunately community leaders can project these shadows or issues onto the community members (Pisces drilling men) rather than seeing how the leadership or culture itself (Sagittarius) contributes to the issues.

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