14-15 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Man Muffled Up, With A Rakish Silk Hat.
  • Leo: A Pageant.

  • Scorpio: Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand.

  • Aquarius: Two Lovebirds Singing On A Fence.


Leo’s symbol provides the key to understanding this cross. A pageant refers to insecurities about appearance—comparing yourself to others or ascribing to society's too-high standards of beauty (dreammoods.com). 

Leo's dream meaning clarifies the Taurus symbol—a man muffled and covering his face, a rakish hat describing how the hat sits on his head: at a ‘rakish’ angle, lowered over one side of the forehead, in effect also covering a part of the face.  This symbol describes a person hiding their face, possibly due to insecurities (indicated by a beauty pageant) or a secretive nature.  The rakish hat also describes an attitude: someone who is ‘fast’ rather than conservative. The silk hat indicates dressing well. The man, despite or because of any insecurities, may have a rebellious streak.  Another interpretation is that the man is muffled up with hat set low against the cold, in effect resisting an external force.

Leo’s pageant is an opportunity, however, to compare the self against others, and with deeper insight, shift (dream interpretation of sand (dreammoods.com)) your perceptions (Scorpio).  Scorpio’s children show how the more innocent and playful selves are redeemed when shifting negative self-perceptions.  Incidentally, the number five, is about positive change (Virtue, 2008). 

Aquarius’ lovebirds are the happy ending to the cross—where positive change in self-perception (Scorpio) lead to finding a loving partner for you—that is, the universe gives you a person who will see you and treat you just as you see and treat yourself.  Birds mean spirit (dreammoods.com), and accordingly the top of the fence can mean success or indecision.  As the lovebirds are singing, I am inclined to favour the ‘success’ angle of the symbol, although the indecision does follow neatly from Scorpio's sand as shifting perceptions.  Either way, whether there is any lingering indecision or even any negative self-perception (Taurus’ muffled face) the effect of the cross is overall positive change.

An alternative meaning of Leo’s pageant allows another interpretation of the cross.  Pageants are also elaborate public spectacles in colourful variety and splendour.  Scorpio’s children have a variety of sand mounds to play with.  In this interpretation Taurus’ rakish man is exposed to a succession of various participants (Leo).  He may date several (Scorpio), perhaps narrowing the choice to two (Aquarius’ birds), before settling down (Aquarius).

Virtue, D. (2008). Angel Numbers 101.  United States: Hay House, Inc.

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