15-16 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: Brownies Dancing In The Setting Sun.
  • Cancer: A Man Before A Square With A Manuscript Scroll

                    Before Him.

  • Libra: A Boat Landing Washed Away.

  • Capricorn: Boys And Girls In Gymnasium Suits.

In my experience, Aries’ symbol is a last dance (setting sun, time run out) with someone; the last encounter.  Opposite Aries is Libra's lack of landing place—with nowhere to moor, the boat must continue elsewhere.  Capricorn’s and Cancer’s symbols both evoke learning of some kind—of children in gym at school and a man with a scroll to read.  Both symbols imply independence—children physically grow up and show themselves what they can do (Capricorn's physicality); knowledge is available if we wish to access it (Cancer).  Cancer's square represents solidity and stability (dreammoods.com).

Putting the cross together, children grow up (physicality in Capricorn) and eventually let go of friendships (Aries) and the comforting dock this provides (Libra), relying on their learning and guidance (Cancer), showing themselves what they can do (Capricorn). 

Further, most of the symbols show structures we grow up with—learning from text (Cancer), friendships (Aries) and group-culture (Capricorn).  Libra’s absent boat landing and Aries’ setting sun show that these structures are necessarily temporary for independence.  When these structures disappear, we make do with their imprint on us, and continue navigating ourselves through life (Libra), growing up (Capricorn).

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