15-16 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: Brownies Dancing In The Setting Sun.
  • Cancer: A Man Before A Square With A Manuscript Scroll

                    Before Him.

  • Libra: A Boat Landing Washed Away.

  • Capricorn: Boys And Girls In Gymnasium Suits.

In my experience, the Aries symbol is a last dance (setting sun, time run out) with somebody, the last encounter.  Opposite this is Libra where a source of comfort is removed – no more place to rest, the boat must continue elsewhere.    The Capricorn and the Cancer symbol both evoke some learning of some kind - of children doing gym together like in a school;  as scroll left such that the man can access it - whether he reads it or not is up to him.   The difference between the Aries and Capricorn peer groups is that there is gender diversity in the Capricorn symbol - an indication of a wider world.

Putting the cross together, children growing up (physicality - Capricorn) will eventually have to let go of friendships (Aries), comfort (Libra), and rely on what they've learned so far or use instructions as guidance (Cancer).  This cross could be about graduating school, but going more general it is about becoming more independent from some structures (Aries and Libra) while other structures become available to attach to (written words or new peer groups).

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