15-16 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: A Woman Suffragist Orating.
  • Virgo: An Orangutang.
  • Sagittarius: Sea Gulls Watching A Ship.

  • Pisces: The Flow Of Inspiration.

The theme is about a woman’s testimony (Gemini) and the compassion (Virgo) available to her, as well as the political opportunism (Sagittarius) that arises and influences a succession of events or a movement (Pisces). One example is the #metoo international movement against sexual harassment and assault.

If we go within, testifying your truth happens as a result of:

  • heart-centred compassion for the self (Virgo) where orangutang also represents "being your own hero - believe in yourself and your wisdom" (www.spirit-animals.com/orangutan/) as well as generosity to others;
  • the opportunity (Sagittarius) to do so where seagulls watching a ship for food represent spirit watching the vessel (society? one's life?) for the right time. Otherwise seagulls mean taking a larger perspective (www.spirit-animals.com/seagull/) including societally.
  • the right words and energy flowing (Pisces). 

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