16-17 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: The Head Of Health Dissolved Into The Head Of Mentality.
  • Virgo: A Volcano In Eruption.
  • Sagittarius: An Easter Sunrise Service.

  • Pisces: An Easter Promenade.

The Gemini symbol brings to my mind an article about how infections can cross the blood-brain barrier and create symptoms akin to schizophrenia, or how a parasite generates bouts of rage in the host (Virgo).  The Gemini symbol is about mind-body connection, resulting in the Virgo volcano, which brings up nutrients from deep in the earth to nourish the surface to facilitate new growth, even as the previous surface was destroyed. 

The Sagittarian service is an homage to what is new, celebrating the change of season and the abundance expected to come.  After a volcanic winter, sunrise is gladly welcome and worshipped as per Judeo-Christian (roots in Pagan) tradition. The Piscean promenade after the service means nothing stays anywhere, we are always moving.  We dress up in our Sunday best, show off our Easter bonnets, socialise and walk together as part of a fun community tradition.

In a sense, the cross seems to describe the relief (Sagittarius, Pisces) after a difficult time (Gemini, Virgo).  If we view the whole cross as a process of Voice Dialogue (from the tradition of Jungian psychology) where the energy of repressed personas within our psyche are released or even allowed to steam off while we manage those personas,  the Sagittarius-Pisces symbols indicate our more self-discovering/celebrating and self-accepting rewards as our inner personas relate, that is, we have less conflict within us and more tools for responding to more situations in the world.  The Piscean promenade is really the parade of different personas we have at our disposal, for example, the Critic when we need to refine, the Lord when we need to show leadership, Arrogance when we need to be entitled enough to demand something we need, etc etc.  The volcano is therefore a proliferation or outpouring of new earth (which is very fertile when it cools) as the energy release when acknowledging a repressed or shadow side, after a Gemini mind-body energy shift - both of which are not necessarily comfortable or easy, but necessary for a wonderful newness (Sagittarius) and awareness of our inner community (Pisces).

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