16-17 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Battle Between The Swords And Torches.
  • Leo: A Nonvested Church Choir.

  • Scorpio: A Woman The Father Of Her Own Child.

  • Aquarius: A Watchdog Standing Guard.

The theme of this cross is the response to someone's inner conflict that is projected onto you.  Have you ever been asked a question, then drawn into an argument you didn't really want to have, but the other person needed to argue with someone?  Then you're lucky to have met the Taurus symbol above.  The battle between swords (cutting to truth, ideas) and torches (ideas, passions) is not necessarily a battle of opposites.  However if someone doesn't know how to resolve all their inner conflicts, they will project one of these "sides" (torch or sword) onto you, have the conflict with you as a way of trying to resolve the conflict within.  An example of this is when two people in a relationship polarise roles - one may be more cautious, and one may want to be spontaneous.  Each person in the relationship is carrying the other aspect for the other person - the spontaneous person is not owning their cautious side so their partner carries it for them and thereby cops the accusations that they are a killjoy, while the cautious one will accuse the other of being thoughtless when deep down their own spontaneity is crying to be expressed.  As each person is more comfortable repressing their caution or spontaneity, by fighting that side of themselves in their partner they want to win and kept that aspect repressed (not that they are conscious of this).  This type of dynamic is a trap that keeps people from relating to themselves and therefore respecting and learning from the other person how to use that aspect of themselves.  It is no surprise that later in the cross comes the Scorpio woman/father seeming to imply a single parent!

In my experience the only way to deal with other people's projections (and also your own) is isolation - be separated until you realise what is projected and to own what is your projections.

Within the relationship, you may try to speak your truth while remaining neutral - my interpretation of Leo's nonvested choir who are not "badged" and dressed relatively humbly while singing.  This symbol has that spiritual element and might indicate that the Taurean conflict might be part of the soul's growth.

The Scorpio woman embraces her masculine side - she is both mother and father and so has integrated opposite aspects into herself.  The child represents a new beginning - so no more pointless judgemental accusations towards her partner, she is responsible for understanding and nurturing all the aspects of herself rather than keeping them repressed.  This symbol indicates an emotional independence that is self-nurturing. 

The Aquarian watchdog is on guard for further conflicts (being baited by others or internal) because of the damage these can cause.  An extreme from of this is the subconscious high-alert that PTSD/trauma/abuse survivors have - always on and watching watching watching the environment, never relaxing because being on guard creates a tense relationship with the environment.  This is because the high-alert person does not feel safe - and  the tension builds faster when they see aspects of their past being replicated in the present like little sign posts.  This tension is looking for a release - enter the Taurean battle.

As a personal example, my partner likes to argue with me about things.  He has often described himself as someone who sits on the fence, unable to make a decision.  In our relationship, he argues with me because I am someone with strong opinions, so a worthy person for him to argue with.  As I have continued my personal development, I am no longer interested in conflict or even expressing my opinions or even having opinions sometimes.  I have found arguments with him to be tedious and circular.  They now begin with him asking me a question, I answer, but he doesn't like the answer and will go on at length about how I am wrong.  I find these to be incredibly frustrating but also see them as a mirror - to work on aspects of my own communication (Leo, Scorpio).  Rather annoyingly I didn't know what to write for this cross but today after an argument with my partner I realised it was the universe showing me one of the symbols of this cross.  I have also in deep irritation vowed that next time he wants to ask me something, I will just say I don't know or be very neutral without any You-language (Leo), because I don't trust that we won't argue (Aquarius).  He will just have to work out his fence-sitting on his own, while I work on letting go of my own irritation (Scorpio).

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