17-18 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Woman Holding A Bag Out Of A Window.
  • Leo: A Teacher Of Chemistry.

  • Scorpio: A Woods Rich In Autumn Coloring.
  • Aquarius: A Man Unmasked.


The theme of the cross is the process of detachment. 

From the

  • Taurean holding a bag (physically attached) out of a window (for any reasons such as conspicuous possession, signalling, or threatening release); to the
  • objective (perspectively detached) observer-demonstrator science teacher who understands  chemical reactions 

        a) can be boiled down to mathematical formulae,

        b) involves bonds between elements and breaking them and

        c) have an explanation behind the magic;

        to the

  • richly coloured woods as the leaves die and fall (also chemistry at work, with a beautiful effect); to the
  • man whose mask has fallen, revealing his inner essence and truth. 

Other layers in the cross may include:

  • the ability to capture attention - in the first three symbols, so I wonder if the Aquarian unmasking is public in the same way too;
  • the element of beauty, or awe, in the Leo and Scorpio symbols, that may "color" the other two symbols.

My personal experience of this cross is as follows:

I was studying Touch for Health (mini-kinesiology) and asked to practise on a friend's ex-husband, who was somewhat of a sociopath and was anti-alternative.  He respected me because I was a scientist, hence allowing me to try something a little "woo-woo" on him.  When I described some negative beliefs that his muscles were "telling" me, he was dismissive, but when I described the negative beliefs that were coming from his children's muscles (Scorpio), his "mask" dropped just for a minute (Aquarius), he was attentive and vulnerable in his open caring about his children. I had never seen that side of him before. 

Where previously I had wanted recognition for my "magic" (Taurus and Leo), I realised that just being a witness to somebody's change (Aquarius), just seeing the beauty (Scorpio) of someone's heart that had not been revealed before, was more fulfilling to me. 

I began to see that my attachment to external validation was not as fulfilling as being the witness to a beautiful change, and so my own process of detachment from external validation began.

Where are you in the process?

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