18-19 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: The Magic Carpet.
  • Cancer: A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony.
  • Libra: A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding.
  • Capricorn: A Child Of About Five With A Huge Shopping Bag.

First we must consider the meaning of the symbols individually before deciding on the meaning of the overall cross.

The Arian magic carpet, according to dreammoods.com is about wanting to escape from a situation (Libran robbers), relationship (Cancerian marriage) or responsibilities (Capricorn).  The latter is represented by the child's bag and  "a bag in your dream represents the responsibilities that you carry" (dreammoods.com) - which is remarkably harmonious with this magic carpet meaning.

The Capricornian child is five, which according to Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers book means positive change.  The bag is huge and it may seem that the child could be overwhelmed by it but as the bag is not ripped (which in dreammoods.com indicates a burden) and it is a shopping bag - meaning the bag will be filled with "wanted" items (whether or not they are needed), the Capricorn symbol seems to encourage us to take on the responsibility (even if it seems too big for us) because it will mean positive change for our growth.

The Cancer symbol is about a commitment (and it is holy and blessed due to the priest), while the Libran robbers, similar to the magic carpet, are trying to avoid prosecution.

Therefore the cross appears to have halves - responsibility (Capricorn) and commitment (Cancer) on one side, with escape (Aries) and avoidance (Libra) on the other. It seems this cross has elements of yin and yang within, where an extreme of one type yields the seed of its opposite to flourish - too much responsibility arises the yearning to escape, or commitment can feel like a jail term to avoid.

The Libran symbol resonates with Cancer because the robbers are nonetheless committed to each other to maintain their secrecy, they consider themselves a gang.  This is the seed of commitment that has arisen inside the extreme of avoiding capture.  No doubt there is a burden of trying to keep the others in line and dealing making sure nobody is a "rat", and conflicts if gang members' values or opinions differ due to the high stakes of being found out.  Some gangs give members points for committing more crimes or acts of aggression, just to maintain the gang culture.  I wonder if anyone in the gang would yearn for a magic carpet to free themselves of the situation!

Eventually the cross will bring us to the point of taking responsibility (Capricorn) - that the child is so young gives the robbers hope that they can redeem a sense of innocence, probably because being coerced into a darker type of life was not really what a member had intended when they first joined the gang.  Or, any marriage (Cancer) or commitment can be a contract where someone signing onto it may eventually feel they are taking on more than they bargained for (Libra and Capricorn).

My own personal interpretation of this cross, for my life, has been that in partnering with my husband (Cancer) and escaping from my hometown and family (Aries), I had basically trapped myself with my in-laws (Libra) who expected me to fit in with their culture that was difficult for me (and yes I felt like escaping again), but there was a lot of personal growth that came with the burdens of being around that family (Capricorn) that I had wanted for my soul's evolution (Capricorn).  I wonder if, for my story, the Libran hiding refers to the fact that the in-laws lived in a rural location, or whether their hidden resentments and sabotage were what robbed all of us of happily living closely - we eventually moved away (Aries) and in so doing began a shift for the in-laws (positive change).   I feel I have resolved this cross because in our new location (Aries), my partner and I (Cancer) have decided to limit our little family's interactions with his wider one so we are the one's in hiding and keeping to ourselves (Libra), focussing on taking responsibility of just ourselves and our children (Capricorn) having learned to not take on anybody else's baggage - basically all aspects of the cross balanced in the one situation, rather than stepwise moving between symbols.

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