18-19 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: The Magic Carpet.
  • Cancer: A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony.
  • Libra: A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding.
  • Capricorn: A Child Of About Five With A Huge Shopping Bag.

Aries’ magic carpet, in dream theory, helps escape a situation (Libra’s robbers), relationship (Cancer’s marriage) or responsibilities (Capricorn’s bag: “a bag in your dream represents the responsibilities that you carry" (dreammoods.com)).

Capricorn’s child is five, meaning positive change (Virtue, 2008).  The hugeness of the bag may overwhelm but a shopping bag implies filled with ‘wanted’ items whether or not they are needed.  Capricorn’s symbol encourages us to take on responsibility even if it seems too big because it will mean positive change for our growth. That is, we make choices and should commit to them, owning them because they are what we wanted.

Cancer’s symbol is about a commitment—holy and blessed due to the priest—while Libra’s robbers, like Aries, are trying to avoid prosecution and incarceration.

The cross has pairs: responsibility (Capricorn) and commitment (Cancer); escape (Aries) and avoidance (Libra). It seems this cross has elements of yin and yang within, where an extreme of one type yields the seed of its opposite to flourish—for example, too much responsibility brings the yearning to escape.

Libra’s symbol resonates with Cancer because the robbers are nonetheless committed to maintain their secrecy; they consider themselves a gang.  This is the seed of commitment that has arisen inside the extreme of avoiding capture.  Unfortunately, it comes with the burdens of trying to keep the others in line, trust problems, guilt and conflicts if gang members differ.  All this to avoid capture!  Gang members would yearn for a magic carpet to free themselves!   

We enter into Libra's hiding or Aries' escape when we find out, and want to avoid, the unpleasant side (or consequences) of our choices.  Living our choices (Cancer-Capricorn) teaches us the most about that choice—though difficult if you were not informed what the choice fully meant.  Having the thing is when we find out what the thing is really like, for better or worse.  And for better or worse, we learn something for our soul's evolution, as our choices define who we are.  The blessing of the cross is that we can always make another choice (Aries).

Virtue, D. (2008). Angel Numbers 101.  United States: Hay House, Inc.

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