18-19 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: A Large Archaic Volume.
  • Virgo: A Swimming Race.
  • Sagittarius: Pelicans Moving Their Habitat.

  • Pisces: A Master Instructing His Disciple.

The cross has adjacent halves.  The archaic volume is a set of teachings that is textual (Gemini) and the Piscean Master is verbally teaching and demonstrating and coaching.  The knowledge in the book is static but comes alive in the Master.  The swimming race and the pelicans moving are versions of shift that happens either because of the knowledge, or in order to access the knowledge.  The race has a defined end and a winner, who can get to the end first (or who can get to the end of the book?) to complete the activity and ultimately leave the water, while the pelicans just need to physically move to a new place to absorb new energy and the life experiences and wisdom that come with moving or spiritually shifting. Pelicans are water-birds too.

Those who study (Gemini), make efforts to put their energy into an activity as fast or much as they can (Virgo), shift to another habitat to accomodate their growth (Sagittarius), are able to teach their experiences to others (Pisces) imparting energy missing from the Gemini volume.  Eventually though, the Piscean master or disciple will record the teachings as another volume of wisdom available for later access to students competing with each other to understand the teachings.  The ones who shift will become chosen disciples for a master, or masters themselves.


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