19-20 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: A Young Girl Feeding Birds In Winter.
  • Cancer: Gondoliers In A Serenade.
  • Libra: A Jewish Rabbi.

  • Capricorn: A Hidden Choir Singing.

Considering the Aries symbol, I personally believe that the universe sends messages via birds. About to have fun, or hang out with kids? Some cheeky cockatoos might wing their way toward you. Someone owe you an apology (or vice versa)? You might get some Indian Mynahs in the garden.  Birds are messengers from spirit, in this sense, so the young girl feeding them in winter can be the first stage of feeding her own spiritual growth, not surprisingly during winter, where survival is a little harder, "seeding" spiritual or emotional growth. Her youth indicates some vulnerability and innocence, still new to the world.

Moving toward the Cancerian gondoliers, who are on boats and singing, where boats are a metaphor for floating above our emotional drama, safe and dry. We are able to use the water for transport rather than drown in it. The gondoliers are singing and in full expression (I assume joy), which is how I feel when I have had an epiphany, or mastered some aspect of my emotional self. That there is more than one gondolier suggests they are signalling to each other their similarities, they are having a shared experience as a group.

The next symbol is the Libran Jewish Rabbi, where one has identified with their spirituality as a primary self and attains a spiritual "rank", whose position is one of advisor, consultant or mediator between God and human. This is "professional" spirituality.

So in consideration of the other parts of the cross, the Capricornian hidden choir is where the spirituality is not worn on the outside (Cancer and Libra), but integrated into the whole person, without any over-identification with that aspect of themselves. There is a direct line of communication between an individual and their angels guiding them, while they navigate their lives conducting their own business and interacting with all that is earthly and practical. They are "in tune" with the universe.

I have read that the block to enlightenment for the rest of us is that we don't meditate, but I've read elsewhere (sorry, can't remember, believe what you like!) the block to enlightenment for monks is that they do meditate! I feel that the Capricorn symbol illustrates that as well. While we learn our spiritual practise, at some point we may focus on other matters. What looks like a "turning away" or break from spirituality is actually another step in the spiritual process, to apply what we have learned to the physical medium that we inhabit, and in fact the learning is basically integrated into our cellular memory (as we have "shifted").
To move forward we cannot keep doing the same thing we have always done, no matter how noble the activity may seem. We are creatures of evolution. One buddhist story is that the Buddha asked his disciples if they took a raft to an island, would they then carry that raft everywhere they went on the island? The disciples said no, and the Buddha replied that it is the same with reaching enlightenment - we get there by some means, but once we arrive, we must use another way of navigating this new place we inhabit (then arriving once again at Aries feeding birds on a new level), which may also gives us more spiritual "rank" (Libra).
The Cancerian gondoliers' joy creates the emotional reward for movement and evolution - so don't forget to have fun!!

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