19-20 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: A Cafeteria.
  • Virgo: An Automobile Caravan.
  • Sagittarius: Men Cutting Through Ice.

  • Pisces: A Table Set For An Evening Meal.

Let us examine the symbols individually.  The Gemini cafeteria serves meals or refreshment to anyone who can pay.  Some cafeterias or cafes are located on the side of roads and are frequented by travellers. 

The Virgo automobile caravan refers to vehicles travelling in convoy, indicating a group of people going to the same destination.  Most convoys organise themselves to travel together and the individuals are known to each other, however for the purposes of this cross, it is sufficient that the convoy describes people travelling in the same direction.

Cutting through ice (Sagittarius) is necessary for fishing in winter in some places, and it is a metaphor for getting past the stiff politeness in first meeting strangers, becoming more comfortable in each other's company and enjoying the reward (fish or connection) after the initial effort.

The table set for the evening meal (Pisces) indicates preparation not merely for eating, but for dining.  This is an occasion.  Whether alone or with others, the intention is to enjoy the coming meal and the company.  Food can be an expression of love, and nourishing our bodies to flourish is an expression of self-love.

Putting the cross together, life is a road to travel with places to stop and eat/rest (Gemini) with others who are on the same path (Virgo) who connect in the shared experience (Sagittarius) of finding sustenance (fish) on the journey or just making the journey in common, and that the reward of food or connection is an opportunity for sharing food and companionship at the table (Pisces). The resonance of the evening meal and the Gemini cafe makes this sequence a continuous positive feedback loop.

This also works at the individual level, if in our life path we have self-care (Gemini eat/rest) and accept/include as many aspects of ourselves as we can (Virgo), including new ones we find and accept (Sagittarius) under the ice of our subconscious repression, nourishing ourselves with self-love and attention (Pisces).

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