19-20 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: Wind, Clouds And Haste.
  • Leo: The Zuni Sun Worshippers.

  • Scorpio: A Woman Drawing Two Dark Curtains Aside.

  • Aquarius: A Big White Dove, A Message Bearer.

Taurus’ symbol is the key to the cross.  Haste is defined as swiftness overlain with urgent need or rash thoughtlessness.  The wind and clouds describe the external effect of the internal feelings associated with haste.  The external world mirrors the internal world.

Leo’s worshippers acknowledge this mirror effect, devoting themselves to the sun for its energy.  Scorpio’s woman lets the light in to ‘enlighten’ the inner environment or alternatively draws the curtains to reveal more clearly what is outside. Aquarius’ white dove—meaning peace or approaching land therefore stability and/or the end of journey—bears a message to society, to enlighten or bring clarity to the larger community.  The link between Aquarius and Taurus is the urgency (haste) to act on Aquarius’ message.

Taurus' wind and clouds contrast with the more hopeful symbols (Leo’s sun, Scorpio’s dark curtains drawn, Aquarius’ white dove) so the cross’ message is ‘this too shall pass’.

Moving in the other direction, the sign of the dove (Aquarius) heralds an openness to clarity or light (Scorpio), bringing an appreciation of light and warmth (Leo).  The shadow of this cross is that devotion generates unthinking physical effort (cults? Human sacrifice anyone?) to appease an entity (such as a displeased sun-god, hence the clouds), who are believed to communicate by signs such as the dove (Aquarius). 

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