20-21 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: A Pugilist Entering The Ring.
  • Cancer: A Prima Donna Singing.
  • Libra: A Crowd Upon The Beach.

  • Capricorn: A Relay Race.

The cross describes the story of one who shows the way.  From challenging the self (Aries) to centre-stage (Cancer) with the song or story, to time at the beach with the crowd (Libra) before passing the baton of glory to another (Capricorn).

Libra’s symbol is ambiguous.  In the context of the cross it could mean rest, belonging to a group or just enjoying life with other people.  It contrasts with Aries’ symbol of competition, the self and challenge.  If we look at the other symbols—a pugilist, a prima donna, a relay race, which all have their audience—then Libra’s symbol fulfils the audience aspect, in that anyone observing can watch a pugilist or prima donna or race and then decide to try the same, having learnt from watching this predecessor.  The pugilist tests the self (Aries) and sings their glory or story (Cancer) for the audience (Libra) from which one will take part in Capricorn’s relay.

Capricorn’s baton-passing ensures someone receives all the hard-won tools for success, because one cannot win a relay race without the baton; one cannot show the way without sharing lessons to set others up to go further on that path.  The baton could represent coaching, genetics or just allowing another to have their turn (Aries) creating another glorious song of their experiences (Cancer) while the way-shower retires (Libra). 

One example of this cross occurred the first season of The Voice Australia in 2012.  Australia watched (Libra) and learned about Karise Eden and her troubled childhood and struggles (Aries).  She channelled all of it, however, into her amazing voice (Cancer) that expressed all the soul and deep learning from her experiences.  She won the competition, and since then further seasons of The Voice have aired, looking for the next amazing singer (Capricorn) to enter the challenge (Aries).

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