20-21 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: A Labor Demonstration.
  • Virgo: A Girls' Basketball Team.
  • Sagittarius: A Child And A Dog With Borrowed Eyeglasses.

  • Pisces: A Little White Lamb, A Child And A Chinese Servant.

The Sagittarian eyeglasses contain the key to this cross, which is about the evolution of perspective towards an event or group (Gemini).  The deeper we look, the more we understand.

Starting with Gemini, the labor demonstration may indicate a strike or agitative social protest about long working weeks or equal pay or other labor issue.  The motif of a labour union is that of workers banding together to create a force equal to the power of business leaders who appear to dictate labour terms.

The Virgo basketball team brings the focus down to the workers in the Gemini demonstration, rather than the issue or the bosses.  It is the team that must perform together to achieve a win against some other team.  Team sports build camaraderie, co-operation and a shared identity, and everybody has a job to do in the team - so this symbol resonates with Gemini.

Looking deeper into the basketball team, the Sagittarian child and dog represent innocence and loyalty, the latter being at the heart of any fight for something, be it labor issues or victory in sport.  The loyalty is to the team or the cause, because there is something to protect (dog protecting the child that symbolises feeding the family or just innocence) from exploitation.  The borrowed eyeglasses indicate the dog's or child's political views they have borrowed, that they choose to see the demonstration or team or larger issue in a specific way or that they may be manipulated.  The borrowed views are only temporary though, and the protected child and loyalty are the emotional truth under the Gemini labor demonstration.

The final, deeper truth is in the Piscean symbol of the lamb (white for purity) the child and the Chinese servant, which represent the pure, the innocent and the dutiful.  It is this last dutiful servant that ensures the safety of the lamb and child - whether to join the demonstration (Gemini), avoid it, or transmute it to other forms of demonstration such as labor picnic days (Gemini) honoring and celebrating workers.

This cross is also a metaphor for our inner personas (Virgo team) which I have written about in this website, referring to Voice Dialogue and Jungian psychology. When do you stand up (Gemini) for yourself?  It is healthy to do so, if your personal happiness and well-being (child, lamb) is at stake.  The Sagittarian dog represents loyalty - are you loyal to yourself or do you have many external masters creating internal conflict inside you? What do you need to do (Gemini demonstration, Virgo team of inner personas, Piscean servant) to find peace (Pisces lamb)?

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