21-22 Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn cross

  • Aries: The Gate To The Garden Of Desire.
  • Cancer: A Woman Awaiting A Sailboat.
  • Libra: A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain.

  • Capricorn: A General Accepting Defeat Gracefully.

"Sometimes your desire is so strong, you see who you really are" (Esther Hicks).

The theme that jumps out first is that of Yearning, self-evident in the Aries symbol.  The other symbols refine this theme.

While at the gate, we only need step through, however the Cancerian woman waits for the sailboat to come to her.  She could be in the water as a metaphor for her emotions - surrounded by her own desires and yearnings, or she could be on land, hungry to leave one place for another. She waits because at some level she wants the boat, however while waiting, how can she bear her life without the thing she wants? 

The answer is in the Libra symbol:  finding small comfort and refreshment.  If birds are a metaphor for spirit, then giving them a drink is to encourage and satisfy our souls with something that will slake the thirst, even as we wish for something bigger.  That is, to find joy in the small things while we are stuck waiting.

The Capricorn General is a person high up in the military who is privy to the strategy, total resources, and desires of those in power over a country.  The General sees the bigger picture, even so far as to understand that in life we do not always get what we want (such as victory) but gracefully accepts, possibly because there are other things to look forward to, such as peace-time.  While the specific outcome may not be exactly as desired, nonetheless the war is over.

Overall the cross is about our desires, how to live with the wanting, and compromise.

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