21-22 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: White Dove Over Troubled Waters.
  • Leo: A Carrier Pigeon.

  • Scorpio: Hunters Starting Out For Ducks.

  • Aquarius: A Rug Placed On A Floor For Children To Play.

Birds represent the spirit (dreammoods.com) so Leo’s carrier pigeon represents messages or ideas from Spirit.   For example, while doing personal development over several years, the birds in my garden changed. We used to have magpies and mynahs, the latter representing bad manners and trespassing boundaries. I learned to stop putting others first (who didn’t respect me, just as I didn't respect myself or my time) and create boundaries. I'd thought only ‘selfish’ people made boundaries, not realising my judgements were telling me I needed to learn that very thing myself.  As a typical do-gooder I also trespassed other people's boundaries and tried to ‘fix’ them rather than let them navigate their life as they thought best. AS I learned my life lessons, the birds changed to little wrens (independence) then pigeons (peace) and one day a honey-eater came by! Honey-eaters represent shields—to let in the ‘good’ and keep out the ‘bad’—so I had ‘passed’ the life course in boundaries!

Scorpio’s hunters align action to intention. I want, therefore I do. The ducks could represent spiritual gain or actual food to nourish our physical body. In any case, the energy of the symbol is about Focus, using all resources (thought, action, desire) toward a goal.

Taurus’ symbol describes the energy of two seeming opposites—emotional (water) disturbance and spiritual peace (dove). We have available to us our own emotional resources that make our decisions and create movement, as well as the ability to see from a higher perspective (dove's flying).

The symbol asks: how do I preserve my spiritual gain despite living in this body with its hormones, memories and instinctual reactions to others? There can be a sense of self-disassociation or ‘splitting’, shown in interactions with others—for example, you try to be the calm person in a workplace seething with drama and struggle not to ‘get sucked in’ to the drama. Or you may be the ‘crazy person’ in a repressive environment who is trying to shake everyone out of their internalized powerlessness to find freedom.  This symbol follows well from the previous cross’ theme of different ways to cope with an issue.

The lesson of Taurus’ symbol is to claim both aspects of yourself and be encouraged that you can handle conflicting aspects of yourself because they are your heritage and the source of your power.  If you can bring them together into alignment (Scorpio) with your ‘ducks in a row’, life is easier, even fun.

Aquarius’ symbol describes a more comfortable place to play.  If you are Scorpio’s hunter, the rug is a place to hone your skills each time you (l)earn on the hunt. When we are ready to leave the safety of home, we are ready for risk (Taurus) where our very selves are our only leverage, or the real challenge.

Leo’s carrier pigeon is still available as a messenger from the universe—letting us know when the time is right to ‘go for it’ (Scorpio), when the time is right to leave the nest (Aquarius) and where you are at in your relationship to your internal resources (Taurus).  We can set our intention to the universe (Leo) of what we want (Scorpio) so long as we try to align ourselves (Taurus to Scorpio) to go after what we want.  When we are in alignment with ourselves, and with the flow of universe, the world is our playground (Aquarius).

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