22-23 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree.
  • Virgo: An Animal Trainer.
  • Sagittarius: Immigrants Entering.

  • Pisces: Spiritist Phenomena.

Let's explore the symbols first.

Fledglings are young birds that have left the nest but are still dependent on parental care and feeding.  The high nest is not an indication of falling dangerously as the fledglings can fly, but that the young birds feel protected with each other and as far away from predators as they can imagine (the wider world being predatory).

The Virgo animal trainer could be the parent-bird teaching the fledglings the ways of bird-dom, or a human trainer that gets the animal to perform a certain way.

Spiritist phenomena refers to the metaphysical philosophy, practise and belief in Spiritism, where spirits converse with humans through seances and mediumship, for example (noting Emanuel Swedenborg - who heavily influenced Spiritism - warned that communicating with spirits had considerable danger to your soul).  

The latter Pisces symbol is the key to the cross.  When new as fledglings to exploring psychic phenomenon (Gemini birds representing spirit), if we do not practise disciplined pyschic protection and cleansing (Virgo training), then we do not have boundaries and any entity can enter (Sagittarius) our energy field and influence us beyond communicating and communing with us (Pisces).  Those who do psychic work do need to be "open" to allow communication with spirits, however the well-trained psychics understand boundaries, permission, themselves, protection and cleansing so as to continue their work longer term and maintain their sense of self.  Imagine being possessed by some kind of spirit entity?!  If that entity wants to be physical then it should go and get born and then do whatever it wants, not take over your person, thank you very much!

The Sagittarian immigrants encompass any type of person or entity, "good" or "bad" and  the symbol implies the issues of checking customs and quarantine (who are you, what is your intention, what do you bring that might cause problems) for filtering,  establishing how long they are staying for and who their community is (for example, spirits who died of heart attack and haven't gone to the light are attracted to currently-alive people who have had heart attacks; or spirits who have gone to the light and are wanting to visit family that is still alive).

The cross is indeed circular, because the more you learn, the more you realise there is even more to learn, and so the fledgling/trainer dynamic is constant within the self while learning about anything psychic (Sagittarius - new groups to meet with; Pisces Spiritism).

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