23-24 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Mounted Indian With Scalp Locks.
  • Leo: An Untidy, Unkempt Man.

  • Scorpio: Crowds Coming Down The Mountain To Listen To

                     One Man.

  • Aquarius: A Man Turning His Back On His Passions And

                       Teaching From His Experience.

A detailed explanation for this cross is here. The overall theme is the tension between ego and humility.  We begin with the Taurean who is a successful warrior on the horse-representing-power with scalp-locks-representing-victory.   Warriors may be very good at war, but may find it difficult fitting in with society or caring what others think (Leo), which can further limit the warrior to that warrior role (and on the edges of society) without any further change.  If the warrior role and the attendant trophies are taken away, so that one is left with nothing (homeless? Leo) but an ego-crisis and the experiences they have lived.   When Scorpio transmutes these on-the-edge-of-society experiences into an accessible story fascinating to others who have lived a more sheltered life in society, one becomes the Aquarian teacher.

The Aquarian man's passions refer to addictions (to winning scalps, perhaps) that may be anti-social (Leo).  To become a teacher, one sees onself as having a small part in the development of a student - as it is the student that must apply themselves to the teachings and learn.  The Aquarian therefore gives up passions and ego to share lessons from his experiences. 

However, the loop can continue if the Aquarian sees students as "fans" and therefore returns to the Taurean energy of gathering devotees as scalps. 

For me, this cross is a warning that there can be an element of narcissism with some teachers - so choose one that cringes at being worshipped, you'll be safer!

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