24-25 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: A Man Trimming Palms.
  • Virgo: A Flag At Half-Mast.
  • Sagittarius: A Chubby Boy On A Hobbyhorse.

  • Pisces: The Purging Of The Priesthood.

The theme of this cross is diminishment.

According to Sofia - author of Fortune In A Coffee Cup - palm trees are a symbol of abundance and wealth, and the Gemini trimming indicates a reduction of abundance, trimming for the sake of elegance, neatness; getting rid of the dead leaves that still hang onto the tree.

Similarly the Virgo flag indicates a loss that is honored in public, and the Pisces purging a self-explanatory riddance of that which does not serve the higher purpose - cleaning the slate.

In comparison, the Sagittarian chubby boy appears to embody the opposite - this kid is well-fed and playful! Remember that this is a boy, not a man, and he is merely riding a hobby horse, not a real one - he is a smaller version of what he may imagine himself to be acting in play.
This symbol fits into the cross well when we think of cycles of expansion and contraction in life - such as described by Eckhart Tolle in his book A New Earth.

Human cycles include expansion where we grow and Do, then a retreat where we diminish in order to focus on Being and Presence in the moment. Being asleep is a form of retreat, as is death. So are serious illnesses, job loss, and the end of certain structures in our life. By allowing our diminishment and therefore the ego relinquishing its attachment (to any number of things), we explore and find power through our essence that has nothing to do with whatever we have achieved or gained or done or over-identified with in the world. Diminishment allows release of  energy and freedom to the next cycle of expansion.

When watching the following Insight progams - Insight 2017 Ep 8: Game Over Part I and Insight 2017 Ep 8: Game Over Part II - which interviewed top athletes who retired - some said that coaching kids brought the simple fun and enjoyment of the sport into their lives, despite the heartbreak of retiring. 

The chubby boy is simply Being in his play. We can reduce ourselves to an inner child and find freedom there. Just a kid having fun. Isn't that where we all really want to be?

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