24-25 Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius cross

  • Taurus: A Large Well-Kept Public Park.
  • Leo: A Large Camel Crossing The Desert.

  • Scorpio: An X Ray.

  • Aquarius: A Butterfly With The Right Wing More Perfectly Formed.

When we develop our self-reliance, we realise we have more to give. 


Focussing on Aquarius’ symbol: the right represents a significant male, or giving, or the future.  Butterflies represent transformation achieved from a caterpillar, and a lightening into flight: the spirit.  The fact the right wing is more perfectly formed suggests damage of the left (significant female, or receiving, or the past). 


Taurus’ park is a public space shared by the community and cared for by community governance.  Leo’s camel is an animal that is durable, hardy and can cross the desert sustaining itself from the water carried in its own hump, taking very little from the dry environment.


Scorpio’s x-ray is a tool for looking within the body, to gain a photograph of the skeleton.  While the tool aids healing—by diagnosis—the x-rays also damage the body.  The park and the x-ray connect because they allow access, to view.


The desert is a vast open space, though inhospitable in contrast to the park.  The camel is remarkable for its ability to survive.  The desert's inhospitability connects with an x-ray's radiation danger and the butterfly’s less-perfect left wing.  Leo’s camel is remarkable due to the fact that it has had to adapt to the desert’s harsh conditions.  The butterfly’s damage creates the contrast to view the right wing as perfect.  Overall, life’s struggles help us find our own resources and develop abilities to survive. 


Putting the cross together, we begin in a pleasant public space shared by others (Earth?—Taurus), but there exist environments that give us very little (Leo) and the only way through the experience is to adapt, reduce your expectations, read the environment for opportunities, and rely on yourself to survive.  Scorpio’s introspection reveals:

·       what we have gained, therefore what wisdom or support we can give (Aquarius) to others

·       what we transformed in ourselves for future use (Aquarius)

·       what inner masculine (Aquarius) helped us to survive by gritting our teeth and getting on with the desert journey (Leo). 


The loop joins Aquarius to Taurus because butterflies belong in gardens (Taurus’ public park), meaning:

·       we naturally share transformation and self-reliance skills with others

·       life seems much easier after healing from struggles overcome.

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