25-26 Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces cross

  • Gemini: Winter Frost In The Woods.
  • Virgo: A Boy With A Censer.
  • Sagittarius: A Flag-Bearer.

  • Pisces: A New Moon That Divides Its Influences.

The cross is a journey from a sense of hibernation and wintry stasis emerging toward visibility and wielding influence. 

The Gemini image is winter frost in the woods – the stereotypical image of quiet, stillness and earth resting under a white blanket.  There can be a sense of isolation with this image. 

The Virgo symbol is that of a junior providing a service, a minor part within the larger religious service or organisation, and though minor, belonging nonetheless. 

The Sagittarian flag-bearer is the one who openly promotes an idea or value and becomes symbolic for it (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/flag-bearer), allowing those with similar values to join the tribe.

The Pisces new moon shows that there could be some polarisation with a new idea or value – disapproval and approval – or that there are both good and bad effects of the value (and really there is no good or bad).  It shows that though we might have good intentions (Virgo) the results may not be as we intend, and that all we can hold onto is that our values (Sagittarius) are true to who we essentially are.  It can also be a journey from hibernation (Gemini) to action (Virgo service, Sagittarian actualisation) to a societal "mixed bag" (Pisces) that may appear to be chaotic, conflicted and divisive.  It can be a journey from Gemini isolation to finding the tribe (Virgo) then fracturing (Pisces) the tribe (for example, the politics of St Francis of Assisi's order) due to factions (Sagittarius).

If the symbols were to continue in a circle ad infinitum, the lesson of the cross would be to constantly withdraw (Gemini) to heal from conflict, especially the inner conflict of different beliefs and values we hold in ourselves.  Whenever we feel confident of a new belief, the internal conflict serves to test that belief.  The cross is about the process of the constant search for inner peace.   And the answer to that also lies in the cross: self-acceptance (Sagittarius), including accepting the divisions.

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